Great video on what SU Baseball is all about and should send a positive message to the parents of any recruit. Coach Anderson will be a father figure in these young men's life while at SU.

So what is that worth to the parents of a student-athlete knowing that their son will have someone that will guide them in the right direction over their next 4 years of their life?


"Hustle, it costs you nothing, but gains you everything"

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Hard to tell how they break up V  vs JV, but according to their stats last year there were 20 players with less than 10 ABs. 8 between 10 and 80, and 10 with 100 - 196.

23 rostered pitchers. 12 less than 10IP. 6 less than 30, top 2 are 67IP and 97IP.

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I am sorry but if there are 68 players on any roster there are a lot of people who are just fooling themselves, from parents to players to coaches...someone pass the Kool-Aid!! 

If you told me that some prestigious school passing out lots of help is getting 60 plus kids to roster maybe. Shenandoah doesn't appear to be any different then any of the 50 or 100 of similar schools out there. 

To each their own I guess but sounds silly to me. 

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