Still missing MA myself. Especially Friday when I was updating my address book. It was hard to delete her email address.
Especially Friday when I was updating my address book

My 2 best friends passed away 3 and 4 years ago and they are still in my email address book, I pass by their names and think of them almost everyday
Just the other day I had a question & thought 'oh I'll just PM Mary Ann she'll know, she always does.' She is so missed by so many of us.
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I miss her wisdom and friendship, and kindness. I feel for her family everyday, but especially as the holidays approach.

It's not too late to plant some pink bulbs in her memory, as the lovely pink hue emerges in the spring, find yourself inspired to pay her kindness forward.

Originally posted by iheartbb:
It's not too late to plant some pink bulbs in her memory, as the lovely pink hue emerges in the spring, find yourself inspired to pay her kindness forward.

I'm posting this because I know Mary Ann is looking down on us and she just expects me to do this...this is for you Mary Ann!

I've planted all of 'em iheartbb, but every time I water them all I get is a loud sputtering sound followed by brilliant pink flashes. Am I perhaps doing something wrong?

We love you Mary Ann!

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I think of Mary Ann every day and miss her. I know she would get a chuckle out of your "bulb planting".

Oh my...I loved this lady sooo much

Please accept this belated message of my deepest condolences to the entire HSBBW board, and most importantly, the Shappi family

I am so sad to read about sweet Mary Ann's death. So many thoughts are running through my head. I remember when she had her first symptoms and how humbly she always asked for our prayers as she faced each battle. At least now she is at peace in our Father's arms.

Your Mom was your biggest fan and so incredibly proud of the man you had become both on and off the field. As I'm sure you already know, she loved you deeply and that love had nothing to do with baseball. Keep your faith and continue to trust that God is in control. You're in our prayers.
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Wow, I've been away so long... I'm so sorry to hear about Mary Ann. I met her while AJ was at UCR when my son was being recruited. I spoke with her for a long time when AJ came to the High Desert to play in A ball.

What a wonderful person. She will truly be missed.
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Mary Ann is especially missed during this holiday season, when she brought extra joy to her friends and family with her humor and thoughtfulness.

I wanted to let you all know that in a few days we will be moving this memorial thread to the Ladies Lounge, where it will remain pinned at the top of the forum. I didn't want anyone to think that it had disappeared. Mary Ann will always be with us, in our fond memories and in our hearts.

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Mary Ann was indeed a sweet lady who touched many lives. Prayers for all who continue to mourn and miss our friend.
I was looking over an older thread and came across a few of her posts and started to think about her early advice she gave me. I did not know her well but I miss her anyway. I guess this is the first one for 2010. God Bless Mary Ann.

The very first PM I ever received here - I'm guessing about 8 or 9 years ago, long before I had any idea I would one day own and administer this site - was from Mary Ann.

I had posted kind of a "stupid question" and had gotten some replies that were a little rough, and she was sending me words of encouragement. She told me not to worry, just to take the good and ignore the rest, and made me feel that I was not the first person who had ever asked a dumb question here. Smile

I sure do miss Mary Ann.

I'm thinking of Mary Ann, a loving mom to her own son and daughter-in-law, as well as a "motherly friend" to many here.

We miss you, Mary Ann!

Ya know what? I thought of her a lot on Sunday, too.

There is a mom in my little village who has fibromyalgia.....The mom doesn't want anyone to know what she has......all I think about whenever I see her kids is Mary Ann, and how much I've learned from her.

She was such a sweet and wonderful woman. I miss her, too.
Missing MaryAnn today- her pearls of wisdom to help get us through the twists and changes of kids and this sport we love.
I don't know if this has been posted.

What a wonderful family

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Sometimes I come to this thread to run through the posts remembering Mary Ann. I, like many, received messages from her that were of great help and comfort when I was just starting out here.


I now come to look through the names of all the posters who left messages...some whom I haven't spoken to in many that the proof of what kind of person that Mary Ann was?


When we leave this earth it will not matter how much money we made or how nice a home we had nor how many possessions we acquired. 


It will matter to those whose hearts we managed to touch along the way. 


Ive come to believe that the value of a person is in what they give and not in what they receive. 


People are drawn to those who can lead selflessly and whose motivation and concern can never be questioned.



Coming up on what?.....5 years now?


And I still struggle with the Masters plan.........

There are times that I catch myself thinking of her, and how her family is doing. The same with others that posted here no longer with us.


I find recently so many people down on those of us that have been here for a long time, but IMO they just don't understand how much we all cared about our players and each other. 


Thank you !

piaa_ump and TPM,


Just like you, from time to time I think of Mary Ann without knowing where the thought came from.


When I first posted on this site so many years ago (more than a decade), a few of the first responses I received were a little abrupt, even intimidating. I felt slightly uncomfortable, wondering if I should be embarrassed about how I had phrased my questions.


Who was the first person to ease my mind? Of course it was Mary Ann, sending a private message to assure me that my questions were very common for newcomers, etc.  We went on to become "real cyber friends", and thru Mary Ann I also became friends with some moms here who have become my "real in-person friends", flying cross country once in a while to share stories and laughs and sometimes tears.


Mary Ann, we miss you!



It's funny......just last night I stared at the little pink poodle that I have hanging on a hook on my wall...... I just stared and thought of MaryAnn................   And then just came on here and saw that many of her friends were thinking of her.  Now THAT is  the magic of the hsbbw........

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