We're committed to taking our 2021 to at least one academic showcase this fall.  I've seen a lot written on this forum about Showball or Headfirst.  I was wondering how the Perfect Game Academic Showcase compares to Headfirst and Showball?   Any guidance would be appreciated.     

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The 2019 PG Fall Academic Showcase is October 19/20.  There will be NO D1 coaches present as it is a quiet period for them...

That being said, it's rare for coaches to show up to PG Academic events.  Can't say they don't monitor the results, but they are definitely not there watching.

But I do think it's a good showcase to get your metrics collected and compare yourself to other academic-bound athletes.

JBENCH, I don't know anything about PG, as we never attended (Headfirst or Showball for that matter), but based on Absorber's response, make sure you understand the difference among the "Showcases"

Headfirst and Showball are designed to have many coach present.  There are position drills (I think) and games.

There are other showcases PG and PBR are top, where it's purely for getting measurable, a player profile, etc.

The there are Showcase tournaments, where teams play real games and coach participation varies.

Again, I didn't do much of any of the showcase circuits, but it's important to distinguish among the many flavors...

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