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Grandson's goal is to get drafted or play for a major college program. He's always been a good player but it wasn't until this summer that we saw these astronomical gains in strength and speed. In the last 6 months his Raw Throwing went from 76 to 90+mph. Exit Velocity off the Tee, from 84 to 95+mph, 60 Speed from 7.4 to 6.92, Size from 6'2"/175 to 6'3"/195 of muscle. 

We're planning on putting together a Profile with links to videos and sending it to all the colleges on his wish list. 

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If your grandson performed that way all summer, coaches should be asking him to call...regardless of Sept. 1.  Does he play for a travel team that assists with recruiting?  Most kids throwing 90 before junior year have offers.

There is definitely more to it than stats. My son hasn’t picked up a bat during summer or showcases since before  sophomore year but these were his showcase stats last time he did...he’s now a PO. Can hit for power, when he connects, which isn’t often enough to win the position.



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Btw mlb hitters who can hit more than 25 homers mostly have a max EV of 110+. A pitched ball at 90 at best adds like 15-16 mph vs a stationary ball with ideal contact so to hit 110 you would have to be able to hit 95 off the tee.

The elite power guys max at 115 so they would need to hit 100 off the tee.

Of course there are also non great hitters who can hit 110 in a game but still that is a baseline you need to hit when you want to get to the highest level

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