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GROUP 2 1 Sander Beck RHP So. R-R 6-3 195 Maryland Severna Park, MD
GROUP 3 2 Brady Feigl LHP So. R-L 6-3 165 Mount St. Mary’s Severn, MD
3 Alfred RodriguezSS So. R-R 6-1 170 Maryland Oak Hill, VA
4 Tyler Bennett C So. R-R 6-2 210 Maryland Federalsburg, MD
GROUP 4 Sean Bertrand RHP So. R-R 6-3 230 Towson Linthicum, MD
Matt Fullerton LHP So. L-L 6-4 225 Maryland Williamsport, PA
Dan Litfin RHP Fr. R-R 6-2 190 Towson Eldersburg, MD
Brandon Padula OF Fr. R-R 5-11 190 Maryland Oakton, VA
Ben Winter OF So. L-L 5-9 165 Towson Ellicott City, MD
Originally posted by Trepfan:
FIRST ROUND - Danny Hultzen, Bethesda, Maryland, and University of Virginia

Since you may have just fallen off the Turnip Truck,
what fricking experience do you have to make another such statement? answ: Zero, Ziltch, Natta

There are serious doubts about Hultzen's power hitting potential coming out of the UVA. Plus he probably won't get many (if any) opportunities to become a professional hitter.

Which means is Hultzen really a 1st rounder as a LHP? Some are suggesting Hultzen will move up from being a 10th rounder (out of HS), yet most likely a 3rd - 4th rounder (which OBTW is outstanding and may get him to sign.....maybe).

OBTW: UoM B. Cecil and UVA S. Doolittle were shoo-in 1st rounders!

Is Hultzen more projectible than Cecil? NO
Is Hultzen more projectible than Doolittle? NO

So what the frick are you trying to saying?

And that would be the VA Turnip Truck!

Again, you have proven that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Hultzen is on the "Golden Spikes" watch list as a second year and is the Friday night starter for a team ranked in the top five in the US. He has been invited to play on Team US. Get your mind out of College Park and realize that there is a huge country out there. And yes he is currently more projectable that Cecil, Doolittle and gues what --- Bear junior.
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Trepfan:

Hultzen had an unbelievable freshman year at UVA
on the mound and at the plate.

His spring pitching numbers at UVA, are awesome.

Did you NOT notice he is now hitting below
the mendoza line?

Hey Steve. Now you pi^^ed me off.
Is it true you did NOT even play baseball!

Are you really prepared for an onslought?

Please don't sit with me when UVA plays at Maryland next month. Don't even wave to me. I don't know you anymore.
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