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We are playing in this league as a nice warmup for IOWA HS season that starts in late May.

Very strange though. Some days against best players in the country and some against 70 MPH FB.

We moved from one of the best teams to a local team. He gets AB's and plays lots of SS versus just throwing few innings a weekend.

My first experience with MLB scouts also. 50 there last Sunday and all watching the same guy on the same field. I agree the kid is really good and a great kid/family. But do they all really think they will see something new?

Several other great performances on other fields that they missed.

Hell they even set up trackman in the bullpen! Don't you think it is more realistic

in game action?

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They know who they are looking at at this point and aren't likely going to find a prospect that no one else saw.  They are also a limited draft again, so they aren't going to throw money at someone they haven't seen a lot.  We had 20 to a high of 50+ at every game in 2019, there to see 2 guys, who both went day 1.   You are probably seeing such a swing in talent because a lot of the country is deep into their season.  Our hs starts playoffs in May, the teams in the south wouldn't be playing in tournaments right now, where as the guys who can't play yet, are probably trying to get warmed up for summer.

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