Anyone out there going? I imagine it will be limited mostly to 2013's. I'm really looking forward to our first PG event after hearing and reading so much about it. I hope 2013 Son does well. Roll Eyes
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I believe we're going. Haven't signed up yet, but plan on it. My son is a 2012. I would imagine there will be many other 2012's there as well.
Not in particular. I know there are a bunch. My father lives up by Port Charolotte, so we stay there and make the 45 minute drive everyday.
We always stayed at the Hampton on Colonial. It's clean, the rate was about $79, and they have a decent breakfast.

Good luck, y'all. Smile
Alright, I just sent my registration in. We're going for sure. See you there!!

BTW, how's it going 2Bmom? Hope all is well with you and 2B.
We are doing great, bballman. Thanks for asking! We'll miss being in Ft. Myers. Hard to believe that 2B is no longer an underclassman. I hope everyone has a great time!
WE're excited. Son is on orange with a couple great players. However, it seems that the Showcase ends on the 29th unless you make the top prospect team. I wish PG would let you know this well ahead of time. Now we need to stay an extra night for nothing. Oh well, we'll make the best of it and take in the sights.
Or, 2013 can do his best to make a top prospect team. Big Grin

My son is on Maroon 10. Maybe we'll see each other. Either way, it will be good to get out of the snow and cold weather here in Atlanta.

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