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Guys I’m looking for a home for one of our seniors. His stats will be listed below! If you’re a JUCO(d1-d3) /NAIA/ or NCAA(d1-d3) take a second to check our boy out!

Hitting -Lead off most of the year

BA-0.466__Hits- 27__OBP-  .603__21SB__

And as a pitcher has 85 strikeouts in only 49 IP.

Up to 82 on the mound, with room to grow (maybe 5’8-150) With the weight room and good throwing program he will gain some velo. Very athletic. Moves very well and plays heads up.

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Didn’t the site used to have an uncommitted players section? What happened to it?

if there’s any hope here you need to supply his other position player related metrics. High school stats don’t mean much. They relate to the level of competition. College coaches need metrics and size to help them project. If he’s small and at 82 on the mound he’s definitely a D3 player.

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Coach, it's very late for both admissions and recruiting for a 4 year college. Not impossible, but very difficult.

I would recommend that your senior contact your TN juco coaches directly. They might have camps coming up, or he could ask them for a tryout. If he's willing to go farther away, expand the list to nearby states. He should be able to find phone numbers online, or he can just call the school's main number and ask for the coach's number. Good luck.

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