Do new draftees get to be part of the players union? If so what kind of benefits do they receive?

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erny1111, You have to be on the major league roster to be a member of the players union. The only way a draftee could be a member is to sign a major league contract, which does not happen very often.
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That means then that a player in the minors needs to secure his own health and dental insurance--since he is not in school he cannot be covered under his parents policy. That cost is a big nut on the 850/900 bucks a month they get

Am I correct?

All minor league players are covered by health insurance after they sign. It has nothing to do with the players union.
Thanks for the info. So your saying the boys are coverd 100% by the team they sign for. Is that just for the season or the whole year? It's just nice to know these things, considering the fact there only getting 850/900 a month. Thanks.
My son has Blue Cross/Blue Shield year-round paid for by his organization. Think something of this sort is pretty standard in most organizations.
My son is also covered for health insurance (Blue Cross/Blue Shield). No dental insurance, though. Also, he is a member of the players union ($10 a year,I believe). I don't know if he gets any real benefits from being a member, though.

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