My son is a 2023 grad and recently attended a Prospect Camp for his “dream school”.  His measurables tested very well as he ran a pair of 6.8 60’s, 3.7 home to first, threw 85mph on the pull down station, and then threw 81mph with a spin rate over 2300 as a secondary pitcher.  Problem is that in game action he was so nervous he wasn’t nearly as good as he usually is.  Made an error on a routine play and he went 1-4 with a grand slam which was great but the other three at bats he didn’t square anything decent up.  We left the camp and we didn’t really get much feed back face to face from the coaches.  Is this a bad sign?  It’s only been a day but I’ve heard stories about coaches chasing players into the parking lots when they are interested.  It was his first prospect camp so we aren’t sure what to expect.  

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You have nothing to worry about it. It would be very unusual for a school to be interested in a 2023 at this time. Unless your kid is a flat out stud (draft out of HS type stud), they aren't interested in incoming HS freshman. You have his measurables now which is good, but he should focus on nothing but getting bigger, stronger, faster for the next 2 years. The majority of D1 recruiting occurs after junior year, and the other levels recruit from the remaining players. So he has LOTS of time.

As a 2023, if you were to hear anything it would be through a travel coach, high school or Legion coach.   If I'm a college recruiter and I see a 2023 (in 2019) run a 6.8 with homerun power, you'd be near the top of my list.    Keep developing those skills and keeping those grades up....that is how you impress coaches.   

Your son will be less nervous at his next showcase...everybody remembers their first showcase.   Sorry, Coaches aren't going to chase down a 2023 in a parking lot in 2019.    Keep doing what you're doing, your son has some baseball tools.

Good luck!  

It’s ok to make an error. Coaches are looking more at movement to the ball and arm. After an error they’re looking at how he responds. At the plate he drove the ball. Coaches are looking at his swing mechanics and how he responds to failure. Mental toughness matters. College ball will be the first time the game is challenging for a lot of players.

Unless your son is a potential future top round draft pick out of high school the best he can do is draw their attention. But he may not know until they see him as a recruiting prospect. They a,so may contact his travel or high school coach in the near future to tell him to keep working hard. 

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