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@Smitty28 posted:

We were alway big on eggs for breakfast, burger or chicken sandwich for lunch, steak/tri tip/fish or other protein for dinner, and banana chocolate shakes for a late night snack.  No crap needed.

Yeah - its crazy to me how many kids think that they need creatine and the like when they are only consuming 1500 calories per day from their meals. 

If you can get everything you need out of your diet, that is obviously the best way to go. Sometimes that just isn't possible. Personally, I'm not a big fan of pre-workout drinks (excluding creatine) due to their high caffeine and sugar content, but I'm ok with creatine and protein. Creatine has been studied probably more than any other supplement and is consistently shown to be safe and making muscles perform better in workouts or competition.

@Showball$ posted:

Two scoops of C4, chased with a redbull, and a kicker of Dbol on the side.

These 'supplements' are a far more danger to the young baseball player than Covid is. Yet its turn a blind eye.

Same old tired diatribe from you. Many of us have kids playing college baseball that aren’t taking the kind of substances that you constantly refer to - as if it’s a commonplace occurrence. There is a certain amount of substance abuse that goes along with any sport - unfortunately. But your characterization of how it goes on in college baseball is not representative of the norm. It is the exception. I, for one, have heard enough of it.

@Showball$ posted:

I don't give a crap what you think. Its rampant. Eyes don't lie.

You should see what litters the dugout and bullpen after summer league games.

Unlike you, I have actually coached college summer league teams. There was never anything suspect left in the dugout after a game. I also coach a number of college pitchers and none of them have ever left anything like you are talking about in the bullpen. Your constant negative comments may be applicable to whatever situation your son is in, but they are not applicable to college baseball in general.

Alrighty, it must just be juice boxes and koolaid mix then.

Glad to know I don't see what I see. Thank you for clearing my personal observations up.

I've seen it in high school, in showcase, in summer, in college.....but hey if the industry insider says it isn't so...... I guess it isn't so.

And that time that some clown brought it into a dugout on a long 100degree turf day and 4 players (all current college players) ended up in the Urgent Care for severe cramping, and dehydration, and irregular heartbeat...... and the doctor said DON'T take that supplement crap.......I must just be imagining it. And yeah dang if the same thing didn't happen 2 weeks later for 3 of the 4.  All a mirage. Its not what it is.

Take a double scoop like they did!  It works out real well.

And did they learn their lesson? its Dbol when not in season.

But its not happening, because you say so. And the conversations with my former players about how is college going isn't happening either. I'm just imagining their concern about what they may have to begin doing to keep up with what the 'others' are doing.

So nah, not a problem at all. Glad you clarified it.

Depends on what you're trying to get from your workout. If you're looking for caffeine, and you don't drink much of it, I wouldn't say grab a Bang or a Reign, since they have 300mg of caffeine, but you could go for a 8-12 oz sugar free red bull. Obviously if you have any medical conditions you'd want to talk with a doctor first, which is common sense but should still be said.

If you're getting tested in the NCAA, 15 micrograms per millimeter (which if you ingest 500mg of caffeine within 2-3 hours of competition) may likely result in a positive test.

If you're trying to get more available energy through creatine, you're honestly better off just buying creatine and mixing it in water rather than getting it from a pre workout (because you won't get enough otherwise). So, what you can do is take 20g of creatine a day (which is split into 4 doses of 5 grams per day) for 5 days, and then just 5g a day after that.

Meaning 5x1, 5x1, 5x1, 5x1 <---- day 1-5

Then 5x1 day 6 onwards.

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