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Need help committing a 2021? Come check out what we got going on & get involved — 100% FREE WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

I’m building a comprehensive list of colleges recruiting 2021s. The excel sheet will display the school, coaching contact, positional needs, academic requirements, desired metrics, and more. Right now we have 220 colleges that have already submitted the “College Coach Request” form.

With the exception of D1 schools, this list includes all levels across pretty much every state.

All you have to do is follow along on Twitter to stay in the loop and get the list when it becomes available sometime in the next few weeks.  The link to follow is below.

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Been following this...great idea and thank you for all the 21's out there!

Many on here are 2022 parents, players, concerned parties...

I am hoping to see or get an idea of what Project 22 looks like...many, many D3/Juco do nothing with Juniors until summer between Jr/Sr year so that is easy. How are the D1/D2's looking right now position wise for incoming HS/Juco kids in fall of 2022?

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