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I'm too lazy to search and type the full name. Anybody have experience with this? My son's been complaining of tightness there for a few weeks. On Thursday he was running down to first to back up a play and said it started to actually hurt. He played the rest of the game and actually played pretty well, but he can't run at all without pain. So far we've heard varying opinions from shut down completely to just do core exercises and ice at night.

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It’s been tight for a few weeks. Then aggravated it last Thursday. He warmed up “fine” tonight but it looked like it’s bothering him.

So far I’ve met with a pro golf/baseball trainer and a chiro. Both seem to think he can play through it unless there is pain. Another PT I don’t know well said to shut down completely until it’s healed.

It seems to be getting better but still not great. The coach is trying to hold him out because we have 3 big games next week and he wants him to hopefully be good for those. Both the trainer and chiro think he should be able to recover without shutting down as long as it is monitored. The recovery routine is lots of stretching, a bunch of core/back strengthening exercises, more stretching, MarcPro, then ice before bed.

So after 11 days my boy is pain free with full range of motion. He was actually pain free moving on his own 3 days ago but the PT was able to find some moves that still caused very slight pain. Two chiros, a nationally known baseball/golf trainer, and a PT have all said he can play but if the pain comes back he should stop right away instead of playing through it. He threw 10 pitches on the mound last night and was actually throwing harder than I remember. Swings on soft toss were with full intent. I cringed on every one of them. The swing itself will need a little work but we can do that on the weekend.

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