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The Summer before college starts what does/did everyone's player do? My son may have the opportunity to play with a collegiate summer league team, could continue to play travel ball, work hard on weights, etc. 

Son will ask coach soon about his plan, but I was more curious what was typical?

Thanks for the advice! 

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This topic always yields a lot of diverse responses, all with merit.  Some guys play in a lower level collegiate league that allows rising freshmen, some guys play either with their old travel team, or perhaps a Legion season with friends, some schools have guys on campus early to take a class or two and begin to assimilate to college life and work out in the college facilities.  All three approaches are reasonable, but ultimately, I would think the method that makes the most sense is the one dictated by the future college coach.

Quite a few D1s will want you on campus that summer taking a class or two and getting acclimated to your new surroundings. 
IMO, it's mostly about freshmen making a good first impression when they arrive.
For position players that means showing up in the fall in the best shape of your life. You're still going to have to prove yourself every day, but that at least gets you off on the right foot. If the summer collegiate league is a step up in pitching over your alternatives, then jump right in as long as you can manage the playing schedule while focusing on S&C (most are finished by early August).
For pitchers, you want to manage your summer so that you're coming into fall practice ready to compete at a high level. You do not want to be exhausted from a long summer with too many innings. Again, playing summer collegiate ball could be a good way to face better competition, but not at the risk of overuse.

My 2018 RHP took two classes on campus during the summer, which, if you can swing it, I highly recommend. He was able to get the lay of the land on campus, see what college classes are like, become familiar with the gym he'll be using and generally get in the swing of college life before 13 credits and 20 hour/wk practices begin in the fall.

My 2019 has already been told that he will be there first week of July to take two classes and get used to campus and working out.  We talked about June and they said they would make recommendation after high school season but I think I know the answer because he will pitch every inning possible during school.  He did say they may try to help find a place  for him to hit in local collegiate league since he is going in as 2 way prospect (yes I know it is probably not going to happen that he will do both but they are going to give him a chance if he puts in the work).  I like the getting used to campus and working out idea when the campus is pretty much empty.  They will work through what they think will be his toughest classes and he will take those in the summer. 

My son's club team decided to all stick together for one last 18U season and play a full slate of weekday games with weekends off to spend with their families. Team was a mix of D1 D2 and D3 players. These kids have all played together every fall and summer for 5 years and developed lifelong friendships and shared memories as have the parents. Everyone went their separate ways August 1st but they played this last summer with no pressure and no expectations, just for the love of the game and for each other. And they played great. It was a perfect ending IMO. As far as I know all the kids showed up just fine at school and had/having excellent first fall seasons.

Son's D1 HC gave him a choice, he will send him somewhere  or son can play on his own team.  Son chose the latter, but did attend workouts at the school 3 times a week (about 70 miles from home so doable).  Looking back I think he made a wise decision, since that was the last time he can play baseball just for the enjoyment, be with his friends, and have one last summer to be a kid.  Grateful HC gave a choice with no repercussions. 

To almost quote FairfaxFireman verbatim:  My 2018 took two classes on campus during the summer, which, if you can swing it, I highly recommend. He was able to get the lay of the land on campus, see what college classes are like, become familiar with the gym he'll be using and generally get in the swing of college life before 15 credits and a full-time job of practices, meetings, lifts, conditioning + study hall began in the fall.

I'd advise your son get to campus and take summer courses.  There isn't much he's going to gain by playing another couple of tournaments but there are a number of very good reasons to get to campus early.

1. Face time in the training room.  The coaches won't be there much but they do want to hear from the trainers about your son's work ethic.  A good chance to make a great impression.

2 Early credits.  They'll have your son take some easy credit classes to boost his GPA and reduce the number of credit hours he'll need to take in the fall and spring.  Don't let anyone kid you about the NCAA limits on baseball related activity.  It's a 60 hour commitment so taking 12-13 credit hours during the first semesters is huge until they get accustomed to time management and no sleep.

3.  It's fun.  Get to know your teammates and let go of the travel team.  It's time.  The summer is fun for these guys.  They'll soon realize a lot of things that aren't in the recruiting brochures which aren't a lot of fun such as hell weeks in the fall.  No sense in that being your first experience.

My 2019 will be attending a D2 in the Fall. He was already told by his HC that he will place him in a summer collegiate league near us. He said he wants my son to get used to facing older players and this will also allow the coach to control the number of innings pitched as well. Apparently he has a strong relationship with this program and he lets them know ahead of time what he needs for each player.

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