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Ok heres my deal, Im going to a division 1 school next year to play ball, I didn't enter the draft because i would of been selected very late. I feel that I'm getting better with every outing as i proceed into my first year of college. And i believe after my first year I will be ready to sign. THe reason I want to do this is because I'm not a very good student. I dislike school, but my question is; when could i sign a pro contract? Do i have to wait a certain amount of time? What if i go to a pro tryout camp and try to get signed their?
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Congratulations, the University of Minnesota is a great place to play (and learn), and I'm sure you've noticed that several of their players are drafted each year (especially pitchers). Seems like a terrific choice of schools for you if your goal is to be drafted eventually but you are not a high-draft-pick type yet, out of HS.

I noticed that you are concerned about not being a very good student. That would also describe my son who just finished his freshman year at a smaller college in MN, and I suppose you could say he is "majoring in eligibility" as some of our other members have recently described their sons. He has never enjoyed the academic side of school, just the social and sports aspects, but his first year of being a college student/athlete and playing on a college team was WAY more fun than he ever would have expected. Classwork is tough, it's hard to fit in all the studying and work with practices, games and travel, but he loves being a college player and has started some great friendships with his teammates. It has been a very good experience for him to live away from home, on his own, but in a relatively supportive environment. He is really looking forward to the remainder of his college years, even though his goal is to eventually have a chance to play professionally. You may have to work very very hard to make it academically, but the U of M provides excellent academic support to their student/athletes. (I know someone who used to be an Education Specialist or whatever they call the support staff there, and she is top notch - she moved on to teaching at a D3 college.) Take advantage of the support, DON'T hesitate to ask for help and guidance right away if you start to have trouble in a class, and ENJOY your college experience! Smile
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