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CollegebaseballInsights - I think you have this data and hope you don't mind the question!


For how ever far back your data goes, or however far back you are willing to look...

How many freshman were added to D1 schools and how many stayed with that school after their freshman season?

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@Eokerholm posted:

If the question is are there a lot or de-commits for those that verbal in 8th and 9th grade, the answer is YES!

I think @Francis7 was interested in player attrition at the collegiate level, specifically how many players play more than 3 years of college baseball.

Note, High School activity is very speculative, too costly to track and trace.

Fall Semester (similar to mlb spring training), limited value add, too costly to track. Note, not all schools post fall rosters.

Official Spring Team Roster provides the best metrics to determine actually turnover rate.

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