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Don’t want to hijack the other topic on 90mph to pitch in D1, but it got me thinking about my experience this past weekend.

I recently got a PocketRadar.  I wanted to see how it compared to PG’s radar guns.  So this past weekend I went to the PG Showcase to find out.  

I setup behind home plate and started to compare.  My radar was 3-4 mph faster then theirs.  I decided to go test against another gun on another field.  There they had two guns.  One I was 1 mph slower every pitch but the other I was 3-4 mph slower.

Besides giving me a chance to play with my radar, it also confirmed what I had always suspected.  PG velos are more estimations of where a pitcher is instead of an exact science.

*I know with mine you need to be right in line with the throw, so I made sure of that on each one (I actually then tested the difference with increased angles - I am a data nerd)

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Pocket radar is fine if you are lined up with the pitch, and not too far away from the catcher. I have found it reads the same as a Stalker in those conditions, or near enough. PBR has been using them on tripods at some of their Tournaments, which is fine, unless the tripod is moved off to one side or another, at which point it becomes inaccurate. 3-5 mph slower, in some cases, and I've noticed that they occasionally have random bad readings on things like 50' curveballs.

I sat right next to a PBR guy with a Stalker Pro in June.  I had my ball coach pocket radar.  They weren't exactly the same always, but it looked as though they were within about 0.5 mph of each other, so mostly negligible.  For the money, they can't be beat.  I will say that mine can be glitchy at times.  Like no reading at all will show up on a pitch when it did for the pitch right before it or it'll say a fastball was 12 mph out of nowhere for just one pitch.  Not perfect, but for the money and what we've gotten out of it, I won't complain.

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