Hi, does anyone's player use Rapsodo for pitching? I'm confused about the scoring and there isn't much online to explain it.  Can anyone explain what a good "Pitch Score". "Movement Score", etc. is?  We're seeing a wide range in scores with Location the highest but no idea what it means. Thanks for any insight.

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Measurement of hitting for Rapsodo pretty self explainatory...measures basic exit velo, pitch speed, distance and launch angle. 

For pitching, you really have to work with someone who is experienced and understands the data.  Lots of granular info, and not terribly helpful if someone isn't breaking it down for you in a comprehensive, analytical manner.  Not helpful for this inquiry, other than to say wherever you are getting access to the rapsodo data, it's equally important to work with someone who knows how to interpret it so you can apply the info towards adjusting mechanics. 

Both son's use it. If you are using it, and have access to the data, the definitions of those scores are in the report. Here's a screenshot of the definitions.




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Thanks everyone. I understand what is being measured and how to use it (for the most part) but what I don't understand is the "score".  The info in the report says scores are on the 20/80 scale but my son has a couple above 80 and 1 that is a negative number.  Just talking about the scores they give, not the raw data.  Do others have scores that all fall within 20-80? 

Asked my son, who pitches  for a P5 that uses rapsodo. He asked one of his managers, who actually analyses the stuff, here's his response:

"As long as your pitches work well together that’s all that matters. Pitch score sounds like an arbitrary number. Asked a manager. It literally doesn’t matter. He says it has nothing to do with the quality of the pitch."

Which begs the question — if it doesn't matter, why provide it?

I'll be watching this conversation to see if there's a better answer cause now I'm curious. The data and what can be done with it is fascinating.

now that we are in baseball season, if the pitch is squared up...it will probably not score real well.

if lands on the other side of the fence you most likely threw a bad one or at least the wrong one. 

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