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OK, this opinion is totally on the surface... I don't have any in-depth insight ...

I like him.  Always Seemed like a solid guy and I like the family.  He is likely to be a good MLB manager at some point.  But...

I don't like the idea of father-son in front office and manager position (conflict of interest?), particularly with a team that has struggled quite a bit the last four years.  And, nothing I have read about him suggests he has some unique insight, direction, special connection with players, etc., that would make it a smart move to bring in a guy with no previous MLB managerial experience, again, considering the poor recent performance of the franchise.  Also, not sure that the local connection is a good thing with current set of circumstances.  They need someone that will inject new energy and/or a new strong culture - an abrupt change.  Just doesn't feel like this is it.

This feels more like the grooming of an new incoming MLB manager than the hiring of a guy that will turn a struggling franchise in the right direction in the short term. 

Edit - If they don't address their rotation in a big way, it's not gonna matter who is sitting in that chair.

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I wonder if Girardi is going to have trouble finding a manager’s job unless he changes his outlook. There isn’t much of a market anymore for “in your face and take your analytics and shove it” types. He lost his job after winning with a team with high ceiling potential. 

Teams copy what works. You’re going to see a lot more Aaron Boone, Kevin Cash, Alex Cora type hires ... young enough to relate to the players rather than intimidate them. With more and more Carribean players bilingual is a plus. 

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Some of the Skinny I read, is Girardi is holding out for the Cubs job next year. And skinny I read is from message boards and forums, not from anybody with any real info. 

I have no real opinion yet. Kid of a Meh, hire. Almost seems like the Williams Brothers and Castellini may have compromised here. I believe Castellini wanted the Big hire, However when Girardi pulled out,  he agreed with the Williams's, and David was the compromise hire.

With David Bell there, is it possible we see trades between the Giants and Reds to get a couple of Bell's favorites?


Long-suffering Reds fan here.  I mean absolutely NO disrespect to David Bell--he is a baseball lifer, comes from a baseball family, may turn out to be a terrific pick--but it's really interesting to watch the trend of teams selecting guys who have never previously managed at the MLB level.  Younger guys relate better to millennial players?  Less likely to kick when the stats people in the front office tell him who to pitch/play and when?  (I admit, however, that the Reds are the kind of struggling, small market team you'd expect to give a manager his first shot.  NYY and the Red Sox, not so much...)

One good thing about the trend toward newbie managers:  it is is a chance to bring more diversity to the bench.  I suppose it's a good sign that I haven't seen media commenting on the fact, but isn't this the first World Series with an African-American manager going against a Hispanic one?  (Roberts' mom is from Okinawa, I think, but anyhow...).

IMO the Reds have been lost since they fired Dusty Baker.  Just sayin'...

As a Brewers fan who sees the Reds 17 games a year or so, I don't think Cincinnati really is that far from having a very strong team again.  They can put up runs, they just need more pitching, some of which is coming through the farm system.  Ultimately I don't think it matters that much who the manager is, the Reds just need to make the right decisions moving forwards on acquiring and developing pitching.  Just my opinion...

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