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I'm sure after sorting through the rule changes the past couple of years, I can determine the answer to my own question, but thought I might ask and see if anyone here would know before I do the research.

My 2018 spent one year at CSUN. Redshirted (academics). Transferred to a JUCO. Appeared in several games, but 2020 season ended for covid. He quit after fall semester to focus on academics. He's now eligible to play D2, but not D1 and has found a spot with a D2.

The question would be, with covid changes to the normal "4 years eligibility in 5 years of college," how many years of eligibility does he have left?

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No doubt.  My kid was going to be one of them.  Set up to earn a Masters of Finance at grad school associated with his college and keep playing baseball - or rather, resume playing baseball, as he is at one of the handful of D3 colleges in the country that are not playing at all this year. As a family we had all our ducks in a row when he surprised all of us and landed a job that is too good to turn down.  As @smokeminside understands all too well, I whipsaw several times a day between being really PO'd and really grateful.  Anyway, his job is basically a 3-year training program with one possible outcome being a return to school for his MBA.  Since he has two years of eligibility left, who knows...?

The 5 years to play 4 doesn't apply to him now since he's D2. He's got 10 full-time semesters to play 4 seasons. Unfortunately, I don't think DII got a free pass on semesters for the 2019-202 season, so if he's been full-time since he started school, he'll have 2 more seasons of eligibility from the beginning of next school year. That's also assuming that he continues to be a full-time student in fall and spring. I think he could go part-time one of those fall semesters to squeeze out a 3rd season. I'd check with Rick Allen if he's thinking about more that 2 more seasons.

Hey Root, good to see you posting again.

I think PitchingFan has the right answer, but you should ask Rick@InformedAthlete for the real scoop.

The way it seems to me:

  Fall 2018  -  The 5-year clock started, but he didn't play, so didn't use a season of eligibility.

  Fall 2019  -  Played Juco, but didn't use a year off the clock or a season of eligibility due to Covid

  Fall 2020  -  Not playing at all?  Still uses a year off the clock

  Fall 2021  -  Three years left to play 3 more seasons of eligibility

It does look like D2 passed a waiver of two semesters toward the 10 if the student opts out of the 2021 season, but was otherwise eligible. That could come down to technicalities since he was eligible for JUCO this season, but I don't believe he would have been academically eligible at a D1 or D2. I'm not going to worry too much about it. I'm just happy to get him playing again. I'll let the school deal with the remaining eligibility questions. However, it's possibly worth having him discuss NOT taking a full-time semester in the fall.

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