I just turned on Sports Center. It's so hard to type this, just sobbing in disbelief. I know many of you know Nick's dad (stepfather). Nick was killed in a car accident this morning.

Words seem so inadequate. My very deepest sympathies and prayers for Nick's family.
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Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An unspeakable tragedy cry

There are no words....

My deepest sympathies.....

Julie - I am going to post this at the top of the forum.
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Im just crushed............

My deepest sympathies to the Adenharts and all Nick's friends. May they be kept safe as they try to understand.
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This one brings me to tears. We loved Nick Adenhart. It's opening game tonight across the street where Nick played in the minors. Our prayers to his whole family.
It doesn't get any more horrific than that. My deepest sympathies and condolences.

My prayers are with all affected.
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My condolences to deldad and the rest of Nick's family. That is the worst nightmare of any parent.
I'm stunned and saddened by the news of this trajedy. My heart goes out to deldad and his family. Prayers & sincere condolences for all of Nick's loved ones, and more prayers for deldad.
I'm shocked & stunned at this tragic news. I just called my son, I'm so upset. Prayers for deldad & mom. Oh my, this is so, so sad.
Came home and hugged my son just now. My condolences to the family of Nick. It is so tragic to lose someone that we on the HSBBWeb follow and cheer for everyday.

It is so tragic and sad.

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