I just turned on Sports Center. It's so hard to type this, just sobbing in disbelief. I know many of you know Nick's dad (stepfather). Nick was killed in a car accident this morning.

Words seem so inadequate. My very deepest sympathies and prayers for Nick's family.
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Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An unspeakable tragedy cry

There are no words....

My deepest sympathies.....

Julie - I am going to post this at the top of the forum.
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Im just crushed............

My deepest sympathies to the Adenharts and all Nick's friends. May they be kept safe as they try to understand.
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This one brings me to tears. We loved Nick Adenhart. It's opening game tonight across the street where Nick played in the minors. Our prayers to his whole family.
It doesn't get any more horrific than that. My deepest sympathies and condolences.

My prayers are with all affected.
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My condolences to deldad and the rest of Nick's family. That is the worst nightmare of any parent.
I'm stunned and saddened by the news of this trajedy. My heart goes out to deldad and his family. Prayers & sincere condolences for all of Nick's loved ones, and more prayers for deldad.
I'm shocked & stunned at this tragic news. I just called my son, I'm so upset. Prayers for deldad & mom. Oh my, this is so, so sad.
Came home and hugged my son just now. My condolences to the family of Nick. It is so tragic to lose someone that we on the HSBBWeb follow and cheer for everyday.

It is so tragic and sad.
My heart hurts.
May God's love surround and comfort the Adenharts.
I watched the game last night. I did not know Nick was Deldad's son.
So, so sad.
Wow! This is terrible news. We'd just watched Nick pitch a little last night against Oakland. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.
All prayers for deldad and his family, but mostly for Nick. Words are too small for such a tragedy. Waste, just waste.
so tragic........my deepest sympathies to his family........ prayers go out for deldad and family and all those from our HSBBW family who watched his career with pride...
Originally posted by iheartbb:
My heart hurts.
May God's love surround and comfort the Adenharts.
I watched the game last night. I did not know Nick was Deldad's son.So, so sad.

Baseball parents don't get any more humble.
I just saw this on Yahoo news and was stunned. I watched part of that game last night, and Nick was outstanding. This is a families ultimate nightmare and Deldad and the entire Adenhart family will be in our thoughts and prayers.

May God bless Nick Adenhart.
I can think of no greater pain than the loss of one's child. Prayers from NH to Deldad and all those who love Nick.
Deepest sympathy to deldad and his family. This seems such a senseless tragedy.

Prayers of God's comfort to all affected by this tremendous loss.
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I'm speechless. I watched highlights of Nicks game last night and his 6 innings without giving up a run gave me chills. GREAT outing. Then morning came. My condolences go out to deldad and the Adenhart family.

deldad and Mom drove to Chicago to watch my sons UIC game with us a couple years ago and their passion for the game and admiration of their sons hard work was a model for a baseball family to follow. I know that heart felt passion for baseball and family was also pinned to Nicks chest. This is a loss that can not be expressed by words. The baseball world has not only lost a young star, but a role model that kids would think about shaping their life around.

Rest in peace Nick Frown
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I just read this online and came here to share my absolute horror with everyone else. This sort of tragedy is so hard to absorb. My sympathy and prayers for Deldad and the family. My heart aches for them. May young Nick rest in peace.
Originally posted by Dad04:
Originally posted by iheartbb:
My heart hurts.
May God's love surround and comfort the Adenharts.
I watched the game last night. I did not know Nick was Deldad's son.So, so sad.

Baseball parents don't get any more humble.

That is why deldad is a hsbbweb hall of famer imho. My heart is broken for them.
I agree, ClevelandDad.

Two years ago this summer, I had a wonderful conversation with deldad---It started out with stories and encouragement regarding Tommy John surgery, which his Nick had and my Nick was about to have, and then the conversation morphed into his Nick's travels through the baseball world. He was so down-to-earth and casual about it. You'd never believe from his tone and conversation that he would soon have a major league player.

How can this story be true?

I'm so so sad.

May eternal rest be granted to Nick, and peace to his family.
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I just wanted you all to know that Deldad was not at the game last night. He had sent me a pm that Nick would be starting, I had posted it but took it down, he said that he wanted to keep it quiet and had contacted those he wanted to know in private, Deldad was like that, as you see that many here will have no idea until today that Nick was his son.
I became friends with Deldad here in 2004. I had been watching Nick closely, his draft year was the same as my son's. He at first never let on who he was, but after reading his posts, I figured out who he was. My actual first pm to him was after someone dissed his advice.

We have shared many stories of pitcher's parents stories over the years, the good with the bad, but it was not hard to see that, Nick would be a star. We had plans to meet up if Dave went to low A in Davenport, we even made plans last year when there was talk that Nick might be in a Marlins trade if he made it here to Jupiter.

I am devastated, the news is unbearable for me, I can't ever imagine how it is for parents to lose a child.

Deldad, when and if you read this, my families prayers are with you and your family. I am so very, very sorry.
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I am numb. I am so sorry for the family. My condolences and prayers go out to the Adenharts.
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What a senseless and selfish act by the driver of the minivan. How quickly poor judgement turns to tragedy. I did not know Nick or DelDad, but I hope and pray Nick is in the loving hands of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I pray peace and grace to replace the terrible pain the Adenhart's family is struggling with today and the days to come.

The Powe Family
My son and I watched Nick pitch last night as I told him of DelDad's presence on the HSBBWEB. My prayers go out to the Adenhart family.
I am just devastated by this horrble news. To Deldad and his wife Janet, I am so sorry. I can't imagine the pain of losing a child.

I hope in some small way the good folks of this board can be of comfort to them.
Here was a recent post by deldad that I really enjoyed:
HSBBWeb Old Timer
Posted February 19, 2009 09:58 PM Hide Post

Anatomy of a GOOD high school parent:

The five tools-

1. A mouth that only utters positive things about the team.

2. A tongue that refuses to wag.

3. Eyes that are not covered with rose colored lenses

4. Hands that fit a rake.

5. A mind that has the capability of seeing the BIG PICTURE.
I like to think there is a bigger plan for all of us however at times like this all I can do is ask WHY?

I hope and pray the Adenhart family can find answers to help them deal with their tragic loss. May Nick rest in peace.

Deldad my heart aches for you.
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This is just so very, very sad.

Just the other day a freshman at USC was killed by a hit and run driver and now more senseless deaths in the same horrific fashion.

My deepest sympathies. There just really are no words but to take some comfort in the fact that this young man had accomplished so much and had realized his dream. Frown

May he rest in peace.
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I heard this terrible news on MLB radio about 1 1/2 hours ago.....my heart goes out for Nick's family and for the families of the others involved. I am shocked and saddened by this loss.
Last summer I sat with Nick's Mom and Uncle and watched him pitch a AAA game in Portland. I've never met Deldad in person, but I have talked with him on the phone and chatted with him in the chat room many times.

They are wonderful people. No one deserves this, but especially not them.
I just saw the news report and headed straight to the HSBBW. I'm shocked and saddened as others have expressed. Deldad, Janet, all family members and friends my heartfelt prayers and deepest sympathy. Words are inadequate at this time but may the Holy Spirit comfort you during this difficult time.
Words can not express how I feel right now. I got to know Deldad very well. He is a tremendous man. My heart is broken for him and his family. Quite honestly I am sick over it. Everyone please pray for Deldad and his family. Pray that God will intervene and give them strength.
If anyone hears of a fund/charity or a way to send flowers, please post.

My wife and I are sick to our stomach. Want to do something to help provide the teeniest of comfort if possible.

As TPM posted, Nick's father is a wonderful man...very humble. He helped me immensely with helpful and encouraging words when our son was injured. I want to reach back if its possible.

My prayers continue.
My thoughts and prayers are with Nick's family and friends today as they attempt to understand this tragedy.

Prayers for Nick's family.

Prayers for his friends. There are many here who are hurting.

God bless.
This is heartbreaking:
Adenhart is survived by his father Jim and mother Janet. His family released the following statement:

"Nick's family expresses sincere gratitude for all the help the Angels have provided. He lived his dream and was blessed to be part of an organization comprised of such warm, caring, and compassionate people. The Angels were his extended family. Thanks to all of Nick's loyal supporters and fans throughout his career. He will always be in everyone's hearts forever."

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I am heartbroken to learn of this horrific tragedy that words cannot describe. I will be praying for the Adenhart family. For the presence of the Peace that Passes all Understanding.

May you find comfort in the love and support of your family and find some comfort from those here on the hsbbweb who are praying for you and your family.
Senseless, Senseless......there are no words that suffice. Deldad was one of the first people I spoke two years ago when my son went thru TJ surgery. I'm sure he doesn't remember and I am but a very small piece of all he has touched here on this site. RIP.

I was just on the phone with a friend who asked me if I had heard about the pitcher with the Angels that had died and it hit me that it was Nick............

I said Nick and the friend said Adenhart.

I am just stunned..............

I just posted about him last night.

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God of us all, your love never ends. When all else fails, you still are God.
We pray to you for this family and friends who are in your hands, and for all, everywhere, who mourn with us this day.
To those who doubt, give light;
To those who are weak, strength;
To all who sorrow, your peace.
Keep true in us the love which we ask you to bestow on the Adenhart’s in this their time of need.
In all our ways we trust you. And to you, on earth and in heaven, we offer honor and glory, now and forever.

My condolences to the Adenhart family, the families of the others killed and injured and to the Angels family.
i'm speechless.............................
our thoughts and prayers are with the Adenharts.
There are no words to describe my feelings when I learned of this news.
As I listened to the Angels GM describe how this 22 year old impacted every person on the team and in the front office with his leadership and presence, it was touching, heartfelt and conveyed so much about this wonderful person.
I am so saddened to be typing this post.
deldad and family, please know you are in our thoughts and prayers.
I just heard the news, and my heart goes out to the Adenhart family. It is so senseless and tragic. We will be praying for Nick and the rest of the Adenharts. He was just too young for this to have happened.
What a tragedy. I just heard the news, as well. Deldad please know that you and your family are in our prayers, and may your son rest in the arms of our Lord and Saviour.
Thoughts and prayers from my family to Deldad and his family. May you find strength and comfort during this difficult time.
I am so sad I can hardly type. I am so devaszxtated for deldad and their whole family...I have no words! God Bless you all!
I am just speechless right now.I dont think this week could get any worse

I just watched him pitch beautifully last night, its like this is a bad dream. He was taken far before his time, and for what?What has society become? I am a huge angels fan, and I have tracked Nick for years.I am just moved right now.

Rest in peace nick.I was looking forward to watching you make a name for yourself in the angels organization. I respected the fact that he battled through so many injuries to get to the show.
Prayers to the Adenhart family. Nick was known throughout Northern Virginia in his high school days as one that was going places. His name came up quite often around the showcase circuit back then.

I think he was pitching in a benefit game to raise money for his high school when he injured his elbow, had the TJ surgery and recovered stronger than ever as evidenced last night.

How horrible that a hard working talented kid is taken away so young in life. Really makes you think.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Nick's family, friends, and teammates.

Our deepest condolences, Deldad, to you and yours.
My thoughts go out to all family and friends affected.
Just a reminder to cherish everything you have in life. Never take it for granted that tomorrow is promised, live for today. Enjoy watching your kid play the game he loves. Grow up with your kid and cherish every moment you have with them.
Players, always leave everything on the field. Enjoy being on the field and appreciate everything all the gifts you have in life. You never know what will happen.
Again to Deldad and all the family and friends, my deepest condolences
Thoughts and prayers to the Adenhart family from our family as well. I can't even imagine where I would find the strength to deal with such a tragedy, but I pray that you find it.
We live and are from Orange County CA. As a community we are grieving. We were so excited to have Nick on the Angels. He was the real deal.

Our family to Deldad and family; We are so sorry for your loss. You raised a great ball player and an even better son. All of our sons will be better from Nick's example.

My heart is sick, but as a believer in our Lord I feel sure he is in a better place today.

RIP Nick Adenhart
Our thoughts and prayers are with Nick and his family. What a sad reminder as to how fragile life is. I think we all will hug our kids (children and adult) a little tighter.
Just came in from out of town. I am so sorry to hear such horrible news. God bless This family and my prayers will be with them.
I was in Fort Myers, FL this morning when I saw the news. I got sick to my stomach thinking what Nick's family and friends back in Western MD were going through.

To a person, those who came to know Nick through his recruitment at UNC soon learned that he was as fine or finer a person than he was a player...and, he was a very special player.

My deepest and sincerest sympathies go out to the Adenhart family.
Wow. We all have sons but none of us can even imagine how painful the loss is. I pray for Nick's parents and friends. I pray that somehow some way, God will find a way in time to give comfort to Nick's parents.

There are no words to make it better. Pray and pray, then pray some more. May God bless you all.
My son called me and told me yesterday and the horror that went through my mind. I just couldn't imagine. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.
To the family, friends and teammates of Nick Adenhart and the family of the others who died in this tragic death:

Nothing I can say can adequately express my sincere sorrow over the loss you are feeling. As a baseball fan, I feel this loss but I imagine it is nothing compared to how you feel at this moment.

This is my first post but I have been reading these boards for a few months now. Nobody wants their first post to be like this.
To the Adenhart family,

Our hearts and prayers go out to you. May God give you strength.

The McConnell family
Midst all the grief involved with this event not to be overlooked is the manner in which the Angels organization has reacted, not to mention the entire MLB family---they are all to be commended
This was the middle of the afternoon, when the players normally would be stretching, playing catch, taking batting practice.

There was no game on this day; the Angels were to have played the Oakland A's, but it was postponed.
There was no one else on the field.

Jim Adenhart, wearing a red Angels pullover, walked slowly to the pitcher's mound. He lingered for a few minutes. He crouched, appearing to cry.

He stood up and looked to the heavens. He fixed his gaze there for a few moments. He bid farewell to his son, from the very place that made him so happy.

Oh no... my heart goes out to Nick's family, friends, and teammates. What a sad, sad time for them. I wish them strength, loving support, faith, and peace.
The article describing Nick's dad, being let into the stadium to grieve is perhaps the saddest thing I have ever read or heard in my life cry

A few hours before, he was experiencing the highest of all highs as his son pitched the game of his life in the BIG leagues. A few hours later as he was comfortably dreaming about that wonderful performance in his hotel, he received the most horrifying phone call. Unimaginable saddness and grief.... Unimaginable turn of events, tragically so. Even the Greeks could not have invented a tragedy of such devastating proportions.
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He wasn't just a major leaguer. He was a man who started his baseball career as an 18-year old boy with his arm in a sling. It took incredible will and determination to overcome his injury and recover. He not only did that, but he climbed to the top of professional baseball at the same time, which we all know is hard enough to do with a healthy arm. Talk about a leap of faith and guts.

He was very, very special from a baseball talent point of view, but that obviously paled in comparison to the size of his heart.....very big sniff.
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I first read about Nick in Baseball America a couple of years back and found myself rooting for him when I learned he was starting on Wednesday. I didn't know Nick or his family and until this thread I had no idea his dad posted here.

Wednesday night we turned on the game and my son and I watched him pitch a couple of innings. I explained what I'd read about Nick and the injury he'd overcome to achieve his dream. I had the DVR going and made a clip of him pitching. I hope nobody minds me sharing it.

Here is Nick striking out an Oakland batter with a 93mph fastball...

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Unimaginable saddness and grief....

Thanks, CD, your post put into words what my heart has been feeling............

We all know about highs and lows.

But, not many of us have experienced that high and that low.

All of us here are on that journey.

The longer you've been on the journey, the more it's understood.

To reach that pinnacle and have this happen is "Unimaginable saddness and grief.."

Then to see the power and strenth of that beautiful human being in that post above and know that one of our "sons" has been lost is.....

"Unimaginable saddness and grief..
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I recall having chatted with deldad a few times, but I did not connect the dots that Nick was his son. My family was driving home from a baseball tournie in Vegas, I was passing the time reading the news on my iPhone and read about Nick's death in a car accident. The other passenger that is in ICU (former Fullerton catcher) was slated to be catching coach for a Connie Mack team my son was invited to play for this summer....Not to mention the others in the car - so horrific.

Today I came on to this site, as I suspected Nick's family probably posted here, and I was right - only to find out it was deldad.

Everyone knows that alcohol and automobiles do not mix. Even despite the unspeakable actual loss of life, the driver of the minivan has also almost certainly had his "life" taken away from him for doing something so unimaginably stupid - driving while intoxicated (again). I cannot imagine a greater tragedy than losing a child - I do not know how the human being recovers from such a loss. In the past few years our home town community has seen far too much loss like this.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Adenhart family and to all others who have suffered the loss of a child. God must have a special place for all of them, God must give them extra strength to exist in the face of such tragedy.
Dad04, Thanks for sharing that article. I have thought so very much about the Adenhart's since hearing what has happened. Thinking of a dad performing the scene described has tears rolling down my face. To have such emotional highs followed the lowest of lows. May God be with this family and the families of the other victims. cry
Sadly, it just gets worse. The drive of Nick's car was a Cal-State Fullerton cheerleader. The other deceased passenger was a law student and friend of Jon Wilhite, the injured passenger and former CSF player.
There are no words to convey my profound sadness.

May Our Lord comfort his family and give them strength.
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I want to thank you all for your kind words, thoughts and most importantly your prayers.

Nick was my step-son. I state that just to make the record correct. I was blessed that his father allowed me to help raise Nick. We, along with his mother, were so proud of Nick as a baseball player, but even more proud of the man Nick had grown to be.

The outpouring of sympathy has been unbelievable. Every kind word, thought and prayer has reached Jimmy, Janet, his brother Henry and myself.

We pray for all the loved ones of all the victims of the unspeakable tragedy.

Please hold a special thought and unending prayers for the Wilhite family. I know that my pain will be eased when John returns home to his loved ones.

I again thank you so very much and I return to your kind thoughts and words often when my heart grows weary and tired. Give each and every one of your beautiful children an extra long hug from all of us.

With sincerest gratitude and humility

Duane Gigeous aka deldad

I was going to mention that, but didn't feel it was my place. You are a very special person just like Nick. Our prayers are with you and your entire family. There were 4,000 eyes full of tears at the Kernels stadium last night. You are a better man than me.
John Wilhite and Henry Pearson both played baseball at, and graduated from, Mira Costa HS, a school in my son's baseball league. We are just getting ready to start league play. No doubt Mira Costa's season will be impacted by this sadness. Deldad, I apolgize for the misstatement that he was your son, but I realize your pain is no less. I am so very sad for your family. I simply cannot fathom how one survives this pain. Please know that we are all praying for you now in your time of need.
Deldad, I have waivered for a couple of hours how to respond to your post or even if I should. What you said was so eloquent that it does not bear further comment. But, my heart says to reach out and let you know how sorry we are. How great your step-son was. How much we enjoyed watching him and the future promise of him on Wed. night. What a great parenting job the three of you did.

We are just so sorry, Deldad. God Bless you.

Thank you for your gracious post. So many people are grieving with you and praying for you and the rest of Nick's family. God bless you and comfort you.

I'm praying also for the families of Nick's two friends who lost their lives, and for Jon Wilhite's healing and recovery. And at your suggestion, I will definitely give my kids an extra long hug from me and from your family.

You and Nick remain in our thoughts and prayers constantly.


You are indeed a very gracious man.

Your whole family is in my thoughts and prayers nearly every minute of the day. Our whole family is praying for all of you and the other families involved in this tragedy.

I loved watching Nick pitch...including Wednesday night. We all miss him and we all grieve for all of you.

Peace, my friend.
Dear Deldad/Duane-
Thank you so much for your post. As so many here have said, it is so impossible to turn our hurting hearts into words. I think most of us on this site have sons with the same dream that Nick had; with the same hopes and dreams you and your family helped him follow and attain. This is something we strive to do, love and support our kids to follow their dreams. We have that connection. This could have happened to any of us, at anytime.
We mourn and grieve for you and all the families and friends of the victims of this terrible tragedy.
I hope in some way the way, the fact that Nick touched so many people through baseball alone, brings some comfort to you and your family. I will keep you all in my prayers, and I know the hsbbweb family will contiue to pray for Nick, Courtney, Henry and for Jon and his complete recovery.
God Bless.
By now there are likely hundreds of personal stories circulating about Nick Adenhart, before tragedy took his life. I wanted to post one of these here, something that comes from the perspective of two of his former teammates. We all know how good Nick was on the field, but off the field he was also highly admired, and obviously well-liked.

This is from Randy Harrison at the ABQ Journal. The Journal requires a subscription (I'm a subscriber), but that little flaming hoop of fire makes sharing next to impossible. So, I'm posting both the link and the entire text.

Just one more comment... While I'm usually a big fan of clever headlines, there's always a time and a place. This one, along with countless others that had to include the phrase "Hit and Run" are in poor taste and should never get past the editors desk. JMHO.

Two 'Topes Hit Hard by Angel Pitcher's Death

The reminders of Nick Adenhart will thump away on Dee Brown’s iPod. The 22-year-old kid had a sophisticated taste in hip-hop that the old-school Brown appreciated so much, “I stole all my music from him.”
Henry Bonilla can’t get erase the image of Adenhart dancing in the clubhouse — a goofy, unpretentious flailing that Bonilla said “looked like Gumby.”
The tragic death of the 22-year-old Los Angeles Angels pitcher — only hours after his promising six shutout innings against Oakland on Wednesday night — has scarred a baseball season that is just beginning.
It also has scarred the hearts of Adenhart’s past and present teammates. They include Brown and Bonilla — two Albuquerque Isotopes who were teammates with Adenhart last year in Salt Lake. Giancarlo Alvarado, Albuquerque’s starting pitcher Friday night in a 9-5 home loss to Omaha, also was with Salt Lake last year.
“In the offseason it still would have been a major tragedy,” said Brown, a 31-year-old outfielder in his 14th season of pro ball. “But the timing of it — the beginning of the season, his first great start, and to be taken just like that, two or three hours later … it’s just sad, man.”
Adenhart died early Thursday in Fullerton, Calif., from injuries he suffered while riding in a vehicle that was hit by a minivan driven by a drunk driver, police said.
Both the Angels and the Salt Lake Bees, their Triple-A affiliate, postponed their games on Thursday night before returning to action on Friday. The Bees were playing their Pacific Coast League opener.
Expect it to be incomprehensibly hard on both teams for some time. In the Bees’ case, “I know four or five guys who are just going to be destroyed,” Brown said.
Bonilla, a 30-year-old right-hander, also knows a couple of the Bees who are inconsolable. But, he added, if the Angels go through with leaving Adenhart’s locker in Anaheim as is, “That’ll be tough. You walk in and it’ll remind you. Every day.”
Both Bonilla and Brown recall Adenhart as having a live arm and a mental makeup beyond his years. He had major leagues written all over him, and Adenhart’s effectiveness in his final game didn’t surprise at all.
But that wasn’t what they talked about Friday.
Instead, it was how Adenhart could expertly and comically impersonate the lisping speech of the Bees’ trainer. Sometimes at the right moment on bus trips, he’d grab the intercom microphone and break his teammates up.
It was his East Coast-oriented taste in hip-hop that bridged the age gap between Adenhart, a Maryland native, and New Yorker Brown. “People like DJ Premier — only a good hip-hop person would know certain things that he would have,” said Brown. With Adenhart’s allegiance for the Washington Redskins and Brown being a Giants fan, football talk dominated road trips.
Both found out early Thursday from reports on ESPN, which set into motion a flurry of phone calls, texts and e-mails. The horrible news was true.
Wrapping their hearts and minds around it in the coming days won’t be easy. As they enter their 30s, the two have talked about all the places they have been, the things they have seen since they were 22 that Adenhart won’t experience.
Brown said he has prayed a lot in the last day or so. But even to a man of faith, it’s hard to fathom.
“I’m not that religious,” said Bonilla, “but my Dad is. He said that God watches over everything, but sometimes he blinks.”
Or as Brown put it, “The Lord took him last night. But at least in his mind and his heart, he had possibly the best night of his life — pitching the best game of his life and feeling like he belonged up there.”
I have written Nick's initials and number inside my cap. I will think of Nick every time my son and I take the field this summer.
Nick was involved with so many, the interview with his USA coach hit home about just how many knew him personally on a day to day basis.
Duane, Nick lived an enviable full and loved life, and made those around him better for it. Like ripples in a pond, his influence will go on and on. His mother, you, his brother, and his father were responsible for the greatest portion of that life.

My heart aches for each of you, and for everyone's loss. Bless you all.
Deldad I hurt for you and the entire family , his friends and everyone that knew Nick. This has been on my mind constantly since I heard about it. I will continue to pray for everyone touched by this.
Isn't it fabulous when parents who divorce can agree to work together to raise their children properly?

And step parents who take a positive role in their spouse's child are special people too!
DelDad - My husband and I are sending prayers your way! God will give you all the strength you need to get through each day. This is just an unbelieveable tragedy.
I can not stop thinking about this tragic loss.

Nick has had a positive impact on so many people.

Deldad - all of you continue to be in our families prayers.
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Words just seem so inadequate right now.I just wanted to let you know how much joy I had in watching Nick pitch,as an angels fan especially.I recall one night when the Arkansas Travelers were playing the Tulsa Drillers,I saw Nick pitch. Most of the guys in the stadium went over the the Tulsa dugout after the game,but I went over to the visitors dugout,to see the future angels.Your step son was kind enough to sign an autograph,and I told him "Good job tonight" to which he responded with a smile "Thanks bud"

That moment will be with me forever now.
I did not know Nick or any of the Adenhart family, but knew of him and after playing for the same Oriolelanders team this past fall that he had played for he became an idol in the way we were all following in his footsteps and how he lived the dream of going on to the big leagues. After this I've only learned more good about Nick and the type of person he was, and will continue to idolize him in all my future seasons and all that I do. I am truly sorry and my deepest sympathies go out to the Adenhart family.
Duane, I am so sorry for the loss your close-knit family has suffered. We all feel it. I hope our sympathy can alleviate some of the pain. You and yours have been in my thoughts every day since.....
Dear deldad,
I am so sorry for your loss. I keep picturing Nick leaving the hotel to celebrate with friends after the game. Happy, enjoying the moment, as all of our boys have done.

I pray that you'll be able to find some comfort in knowing how many lives he touched in his short time here on earth and that God will wrap you in His loving arms and heal the deep pain you must be feeling this week. You are not alone. God bless.
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I watched Nick's game highlights from the night before he passed.

As I watched I thought "man, what a hook!". I thought he had offically arrived...the next morning my brother sent me a text with the aweful news.....

Prayers and love to the Adenhart family.
This comes from a friend/mentor of 2B who is in the Angels organization. I don't think he would mind if I shared his very eloquent statement.

"I played with Nick every year since 2005. He was ahead of me but I got called up to Salt Lake last year and Arkansas in 07 and got to catch him in a start last year. He was such a great guy on and off the field. A real funny guy in the clubhouse and fun to be around all the time. I've caught quite a few guys and Nick had the best stuff of anyone I've ever caught. I always thought he would play in the Big Leagues for a long time and it looked like he had finally figured it out at that level. It is a sad reminder to cherish everyday we are given because we never know when our time will come."

What a fine young man he must have been. We send our hopes for peace for the Adenhart family.
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Dear friends,

Many of you, like me, still think of Nick every day, along with his friends Courtney and Henry who also were lost in the accident, and Jon Wilhite who is recovering. A week later we learned of the tragic loss of Brandon, son of lclcoach, and this week our dear friend and member JT, who we have mourned and honored in separate threads.

Several members have suggested that we create a new forum, In Memory, so that we can continue to honor our departed friends. I think this is a good idea, and will allow us not only to grieve, but also to post fond memories such as the one 2Bmom shared above, and any news of memorial scholarships or foundations.

I wanted to let you know that I will be creating an In Memory forum, and that you will be able to find Nick's memorial thread and others there in the future.

That is a truely beautiful idea Julie.

My heart, prayers, and hugzzz go out to all the families who have suffered a tragic loss.

.....my heart is so saddened.
This is such a wonderful idea... I just pray that it will be a looooooong time before another name gets added to this list. And that when it does, it's one of us oldsters who simply wandered off into the cornfield after the last out was recorded... enough young lives lost in the baseball world for a good long time!
Nick Adenhart Memorial Fund

I found this by Googling.

A follow up...there is a nice way to remember Nick with a donation of any size. The memorial fund targets assistance to youth baseball leagues in need. It appears the memorial fund was set up with the help of Nick's mother and deldad.

Nick Adenhart Memorial Fund to Assist Youth Baseball Leagues

The short of it is...

Donations to the

Nick Adenhart Memorial Fund
C/O Geier Financial Group
2205 Warwick Way, Suite 200
Marriottsville, MD 21104
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Thank you for that article, I think about Nick and his family all of the time. My heart goes out to all who knew him.
I wanted to share the photos below with the board. They were displayed on the big screen in left field as part of a tribute to Nick Adenhart during this year's AFLAC All-American game.

One photo has special meaning to me because of the fact that it is a picture of my son's jersey sleeve. Each player's jersey had "Nick A." proudly displayed.

AFLAC & PG did a great job with the tribute and had the entire stadium give a moment of silence in remembrance of Nick.

I was not smart enough to attach the photos myself, so MN-Mom was gracious enough to upload the photos to the server and provide the links... Thanks Julie.

Hope you enjoy the pics.

This next one had nothing to do with the tribute to Nick, but somehow it seemed fitting to post.

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sportsfan - Thanks for posting those photos. Our son played with Nick in the very first AFLAC game. Both he and I have very fond memories of Nick. I think having a child in the same age group...it brings it awfully close.

Hang onto that jersey, its priceless!

Geez it still feels so awful. Always will I guess.
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Originally posted by justbaseball:
sportsfan - Thanks for posting those photos. Our son played with Nick in the very first AFLAC game. Both he and I have very fond memories of Nick. I think having a child in the same age group...it brings it awfully close.

Hang onto that jersey, its priceless!

Geez it still feels so awful. Always will I guess.

Tom, your comment is what struck me when I looked at these pictures. Seeing Nick's birthdate up there reminded me that my own son was born one year later. He had so much life left to live and so many blessings ahead.... it's hard to understand losses like that.

Thanks for sharing those pictures sportsfan.

Thanks for the pictures. That was really neat of them to do that for Nick. I know the family appreciates it.
This appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer sports section yesterday along with other American League notes:

"A tribute to Angels' AdenhartThe Little League field in Halfway, Md., where former Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart began his career was named after the player Sunday. A red, white and blue sign designates the diamond as Nicholas James Adenhart Memorial Field. Adenhart and two others were killed by an allegedly drunken driver shortly after a game April 9."
October 8, 2009. Almost exactly 6 months from the date of this tragedy.

Angels take the field to begin their 2009 playoff run.

We're all still grieving the loss of Nick, Courtney and Henry and thanking God for Jon's miraculous recovery.

DelDad, please know we are thinking of you and your family every day.
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I'd like to bump this thread despite the fact that it is nearly two years old. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the story, Nick Adenhart was a young Angels prospect who had been called up to the Major Leagues and pitched on April 9th, 2009. Later that night, his life was tragically taken from him in a car accident in which he and two other friends were killed by a drunk driver.

This past Sunday deldad, Nick's stepfather, joined us on the newly formed HSBBWeb radio show for a very special interview in which we discussed everything from Nick's childhood to his professional career to the aftermath of the incident to his family's perseverance and current affairs. The word "perspective" is certainly a word that comes to mind. I hope each of you take some time out of your day to possibly skim through this memorable thread and tune into the interview, as we were incredibly grateful that Duane was gracious enough to take time out of his life to share the story with us.

Link to the radio show:
njbb, I was just thinking the same thing. My boys were out on the road this holiday weekend and Nick and his family were on my mind in conjunction with that.

This fall, deldad offered my two college sons (play at the same school) a pair of Nick's spikes. It's a California school, so all of their teammates know the situation. The spikes will be placed in a special case and be in the dugout for every home game. It was a very special gesture on deldad's part, and it means so much to these boys on the team.

Meant a lot to me as well.

deldad, you have a PM.
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While I have never met him or his family, Nick's legacy lives on with another great tribute to him here.  He is obviously remembered fondly and continues to touch lives.  May God continue to bless his family and also allow us all to have his memory live on.  Favorite quote from the story:


"Soft spoken and polite, light-hearted and generous of spirit, Adenhart was the kind of guy a father would have loved to see his daughter bring home for dinner. His loss remains incalculable."



4 years ago I remember exactly what I was doing and where I was when the news came over the TV.

Such a sad story, to this day it rips at my heart.

Thank you for posting that article.



Same here, I remember the moment I heard the news, staring at the TV in shock and hoping it was a mistake.


Thinking of Nick, deldad and his family, as well as Nick's friends who were injured and taken in the tragedy. Continued prayers for comfort.



Lots of confusing thoughts in my head today. This memory kind of brings me back to reality. May God bless the Adenhart and Gigeous family and Nick's memory. 

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