I just turned on Sports Center. It's so hard to type this, just sobbing in disbelief. I know many of you know Nick's dad (stepfather). Nick was killed in a car accident this morning.

Words seem so inadequate. My very deepest sympathies and prayers for Nick's family.
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Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An unspeakable tragedy cry

There are no words....

My deepest sympathies.....

Julie - I am going to post this at the top of the forum.
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Im just crushed............

My deepest sympathies to the Adenharts and all Nick's friends. May they be kept safe as they try to understand.
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This one brings me to tears. We loved Nick Adenhart. It's opening game tonight across the street where Nick played in the minors. Our prayers to his whole family.
It doesn't get any more horrific than that. My deepest sympathies and condolences.

My prayers are with all affected.
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My condolences to deldad and the rest of Nick's family. That is the worst nightmare of any parent.
I'm stunned and saddened by the news of this trajedy. My heart goes out to deldad and his family. Prayers & sincere condolences for all of Nick's loved ones, and more prayers for deldad.
I'm shocked & stunned at this tragic news. I just called my son, I'm so upset. Prayers for deldad & mom. Oh my, this is so, so sad.
Came home and hugged my son just now. My condolences to the family of Nick. It is so tragic to lose someone that we on the HSBBWeb follow and cheer for everyday.

It is so tragic and sad.
My heart hurts.
May God's love surround and comfort the Adenharts.
I watched the game last night. I did not know Nick was Deldad's son.
So, so sad.
Wow! This is terrible news. We'd just watched Nick pitch a little last night against Oakland. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.
All prayers for deldad and his family, but mostly for Nick. Words are too small for such a tragedy. Waste, just waste.
so tragic........my deepest sympathies to his family........ prayers go out for deldad and family and all those from our HSBBW family who watched his career with pride...
Originally posted by iheartbb:
My heart hurts.
May God's love surround and comfort the Adenharts.
I watched the game last night. I did not know Nick was Deldad's son.So, so sad.

Baseball parents don't get any more humble.
I just saw this on Yahoo news and was stunned. I watched part of that game last night, and Nick was outstanding. This is a families ultimate nightmare and Deldad and the entire Adenhart family will be in our thoughts and prayers.

May God bless Nick Adenhart.
I can think of no greater pain than the loss of one's child. Prayers from NH to Deldad and all those who love Nick.
Deepest sympathy to deldad and his family. This seems such a senseless tragedy.

Prayers of God's comfort to all affected by this tremendous loss.
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I'm speechless. I watched highlights of Nicks game last night and his 6 innings without giving up a run gave me chills. GREAT outing. Then morning came. My condolences go out to deldad and the Adenhart family.

deldad and Mom drove to Chicago to watch my sons UIC game with us a couple years ago and their passion for the game and admiration of their sons hard work was a model for a baseball family to follow. I know that heart felt passion for baseball and family was also pinned to Nicks chest. This is a loss that can not be expressed by words. The baseball world has not only lost a young star, but a role model that kids would think about shaping their life around.

Rest in peace Nick Frown
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I just read this online and came here to share my absolute horror with everyone else. This sort of tragedy is so hard to absorb. My sympathy and prayers for Deldad and the family. My heart aches for them. May young Nick rest in peace.
Originally posted by Dad04:
Originally posted by iheartbb:
My heart hurts.
May God's love surround and comfort the Adenharts.
I watched the game last night. I did not know Nick was Deldad's son.So, so sad.

Baseball parents don't get any more humble.

That is why deldad is a hsbbweb hall of famer imho. My heart is broken for them.
I agree, ClevelandDad.

Two years ago this summer, I had a wonderful conversation with deldad---It started out with stories and encouragement regarding Tommy John surgery, which his Nick had and my Nick was about to have, and then the conversation morphed into his Nick's travels through the baseball world. He was so down-to-earth and casual about it. You'd never believe from his tone and conversation that he would soon have a major league player.

How can this story be true?

I'm so so sad.

May eternal rest be granted to Nick, and peace to his family.
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I just wanted you all to know that Deldad was not at the game last night. He had sent me a pm that Nick would be starting, I had posted it but took it down, he said that he wanted to keep it quiet and had contacted those he wanted to know in private, Deldad was like that, as you see that many here will have no idea until today that Nick was his son.
I became friends with Deldad here in 2004. I had been watching Nick closely, his draft year was the same as my son's. He at first never let on who he was, but after reading his posts, I figured out who he was. My actual first pm to him was after someone dissed his advice.

We have shared many stories of pitcher's parents stories over the years, the good with the bad, but it was not hard to see that, Nick would be a star. We had plans to meet up if Dave went to low A in Davenport, we even made plans last year when there was talk that Nick might be in a Marlins trade if he made it here to Jupiter.

I am devastated, the news is unbearable for me, I can't ever imagine how it is for parents to lose a child.

Deldad, when and if you read this, my families prayers are with you and your family. I am so very, very sorry.
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I am numb. I am so sorry for the family. My condolences and prayers go out to the Adenharts.
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What a senseless and selfish act by the driver of the minivan. How quickly poor judgement turns to tragedy. I did not know Nick or DelDad, but I hope and pray Nick is in the loving hands of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I pray peace and grace to replace the terrible pain the Adenhart's family is struggling with today and the days to come.

The Powe Family

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