Son just started focusing on pitching in the last three months. Tops out at 80, but no real consistent secondary pitch.  5’11”, 150. 

Will be pitching 2-4 innings each weekend this summer. Trying to follow the dictum of getting stronger and faster but not sure how to incorporate strength training without stressing his arm. Suggestions from those who have been there and done that most welcome!

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The guru on my area uses a program called "Hoeflins" (developed by an old pro trainer Gus Hoeflin). Lots of arm and core exercises - no weights. 

Some posters sons have used it and maybe can chime in.

When his pros train during the off season its 3 days a week Hoeflins, while simultaneously doing their throwing programs (long toss and mound). My son did it for many years and never missed a beat in his throwing program.




So, I think you need to find a "guru" in your borrow Goosegg's term.  We found a guy in our area who was a former professional pitcher that worked well with all three of my kids.   All three of my kids are very, very different from each other and this guy was able to work with them all based on their different abilities and personalities.    That took care of the mechanical and developmental part of pitching.  They also played positions in high school so we also included hitting mechanics in some of the lessons.   Paying a professional to work with my kids was well worth the money...mechanics is everything in pitching.

In conjunction with the pitching instruction, we "rolled our own" and adopted a combination of the Jaeger program and long toss that we followed very closely during the (high school & travel) season.   We stuck to the KISS principle of keep it simple stupid.   Like the Hoeflins program that Goosegg mentioned, my kids  were not lifting  weights above their  waist.   It was all about flexibility and core strength.   This carried over into college when my oldest was doing more intense weight workouts below the waist but never above.   His college pitching coach was a firm believer in yoga, band work and long toss above the waist.   

Good luck!

Bob, we know Cory.  He does lessons using Tom House techniques.  The UH coaches are no longer "local" guys, but we know the locals who used to coach there.  There's an ex-UH guy we could see with ease but I'm not sure he's guru status.  I think my son needs structure and lessons in technique that I can't give him.  I can help him think like a pitcher, what pitch, what count, etc., but I don't know core strength from apple core, or Jaeger bands from rubber bands.  The main pitching guru I do know is a strength guy for the Cubs and he's gone most of the year.  Have wondered about sending video to Driveline as an alternative.


Help your son to teach himself. Read about the great pitchers, Nolan Ryan, Bob Gibson as to their training methods. Many years ago during our Area Code tryout at Texas A&M, I met Ralph Garr, Scout with the Braves and former National League batting Champion.

I ask Ralph "who was your hitting instructor"?    He said "Henry".

I ask "What did Henry Aaron tell you"?

Henry said "figure it out for yourself".

When a pitcher is on the mound, no one can help. He has to rely on his ability.


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