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A college baseball roster is comprised of 35 players of which, year over year, the make-up changes due to a number of things to include players graduating, players getting drafted, players being either added via being new students or transfer students and players leaving or not playing the following year for one reason or another. Essentially, that covers the adds and deletes . . . 


Here's my question - what is considered a normal amount of turnover for a collegiate program?  By that, I am strictly addressing the players who decide to no longer stay at a school or quit playing for their school.  As an example, let's say a team has 35 players at the end of 2014 upon which five are drafted leaving the 30.  Next, 8 players graduate which leaves them 22.  Before we add in the recruits or the JC transfers or any transfers for that matter, of that 22 players how many would a school typically turnover from their roster in a basically normal situation?  I realize there is no right or wrong answer and I'm simply curious what folks who have had a son play D1 College Baseball have experienced with their son's roster composition.  Thanks very much in advance for any insight.

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Good question. I think that it all depends on the current roster. 


One of the hardest tasks that a program has is recruiting, I think even tougher than actually coaching. That's why the programs that are in the top 25/50 are because they not only coach well, but recruit well.  


I am not really sure how many players actually leave the game, on their own without a reason.  However, you may see that looking over rosters, there usually is not a lot of seniors, either they were drafted or perhaps their scholarships were cut or they just decided that their major needed more attention than they could give.


I am not sure that this answered your question but it all depends if the program  rebuilds or just reloads year after year.


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TPM is right, especially about the seniors.


I looked at the scoreboard for today and checked the rosters for the teams involved in first five games, which gave five ranked teams and five unranked teams.  Most of the teams had five or fewer seniors. Only one team had eight seniors. As a general rule, the most highly ranked teams don't have many seniors and a fairly high percentage of those seniors were transfers.


The most aggressive recruiting teams bring in 18 or more players every year and count on a 50% attrition rate after the first year and a big chunk of the remainder leaving for the pros after their junior year.  


"Normal" for a D1 team is a fairly big range: most seem to bring in 10-15 players in a typical year, but the number and mix can vary widely depending on coaching changes and other variables.  At my son's former school, the new coach brought in 24 players his second year, and only one member of my son's recruiting class of 15 is on the roster as a senior this spring.

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