Runner 1st and 2nd

Absolutely not! The 1b plays deep the pitcher can cover 1st. The 1b needs to learn the range of the 2b. Is the 2b, quicker to his right or left? Communicate to the 2b on each pitch. Remind the pitcher to cover 1b on any ground ball to the right side.

Is the hitter a "left handed" pull hitter? Does the right handed hitter hit late? Nathan where do you live? Is there a Minor League team in your area? Talk to one of the Pro Coaches as to defense strategy. The Seattle Mariners "playbook" is excellent.



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depends on the opposing coaches strategy, the type of hitter at bat, the ability of your pitcher to field bunts, is it a "bunt" situation? What is the score? The inning? #of outs, are you the home team?

what is your objective? Win the game?


This ^^^^^^^

If I have a very athletic guy on the mound I tell him to get every single bunt he can get to so my corners can stay back.  That's how we handle regular bunts.  When it comes to drag / push bunt then knowing your opponent helps.  I won't say we never play 1B up just for that situation but overall we stay back.

Son is a pitcher in college....but was an All State SS in HS.  He pretty much covers any bunt he can get to.  It's a much better option than having our 1B try to make plays (big kid, not quick) and also allows the 3B to stay a little closer to 3B, especially if their is a guy on 2B.  Guys on 1st and 2nd....why would you hold the guy at 1B.....where's he gonna go?  

He is not going anywhere but he could get a bigger lead and score easily on a double verse if held him.  I wouldn't hold him but I have seen a few teams do it why I was asking.  It might have been a more play in front of the bag type thing in case of bunt and was close enough that if picked could still be near bag for a back door pick.

You can play all kinds of what if you want but when I see a team holding a runner on first there's a good possibility I'm going to put hit and run on due to that huge hole on the right side.  If he scores on a double then either yell at your pitcher for leaving it over the plate or tip your hat to the hitter for doing a great job.

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