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Runners on first and second. Batter squares to bunt. He drops a perfect bunt down the first base line.

The right play is for the first baseman to take the out at first. But he comes up gunning and fires to third. Everyone is safe.

Does the batter still get a sacrifice for properly executing the bunt? What is the rule number for this decision?

I believe from a plate appearance standpoint it’s still a sacrifice. The batter shouldn’t be penalized for executing the bunt and the fielder making a poor decision.

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@Consultant posted:

That is why they call it a "fielders choice".

The 1b made the right play, the 3b did not stretch for the ball as it is a "No tag" needed play. Was the infield grass "long" or "short"? How close to the batter when the 1b fielded the ball?


I believe the correct answer is the batter gets a plate appearance as a sacrifice and it’s also recorded as a fielder’s choice. It doesn’t make sense the batter should be penalized for executing a perfect bunt due to the first baseman’s lack of judgement.

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@T_Thomas posted:

@RoadRunner, you just highlighted the wrong section for RJM's question,

The reason I didn’t highlight that part is because ordinary effort would have put the batter out, according to @RJM. But in any case, it would be a SB, IMO. And to further clarify, when stats are kept, there are defensive stats, (for the one fielding the ball) and offensive stats (for the batter). In this case batter gets a SB according to rule as cited. And fielder made a fielders choice. No error because there are no mental errors in the scorebook. So the fielder gets nothing added to his TC (total chances), no assist, no PO (putout) either.

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