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I would say the recruitment process is pretty standard for a highly competitive baseball program at a public D3. Highly recruited players have an advantage over the others, but the guys who produce are the ones who will get playing time. Freshmen are typically competing with transfers (D1/D2 and juco). Player do get cut in the fall.

HC is entering his 5th season. Local guy. I would be surprised if there were any changes in the foreseeable future. RC/AHC has been there a long time. Excellent coach on the defensive side.

Send me a PM if you have specific questions.

BaseballBUDDY posted:

Are you inquiring about Salisbury as an in-state option? 

The academics are not strong. There are other MD options although the baseball may not be as strong.

There aren't many stronger options academically in MD on the public side. U of MD College Park, of course, and UMBC both have higher average SATs and GPAs. After those two the numbers are similar for Salisbury, Towson, St. Mary's, but Salisbury is third overall. Salisbury is also higher on those measures than McDaniel and Stevenson.

While I agree with RJM's assessment of "mediocre", Salisbury has definitely improved their academic profile over the past decade. And of coarse, field of study plays a part when evaluating academic strength.

I just remembered...sometime in September 2020, in Beira, Mozambique (I was there for a year for work), I was walking to the supermarket and look what I saw!! I explained that my son had a friend on their baseball team and I asked if we could take a picture. He knew nothing about the school but how fun is that. I totally forgot about it until this post but I did send it to his parents at the time.


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@2022NYC he has a motorcycle and he makes a living as a taxi driver in the informal market giving people rides so he has my phone giving me his contact info. I totally couldn't write that in anyway that didn't sound like it was a pick up line but it wasn't. LOL There is a high level of unemployment so almost every walk involved someone looking for work or selling something. I buy most of my onions, potatoes, avocados and these delicious rolls on the side of the road to and from work/the market.

Who did they play in the championship? I am happy you asked!

University of St Thomas from St Paul, MN! They are a school of about 6000 undergraduate students that was recently "involuntarily removed" with much drama from the MIAC (a Minnesota version of the NESCAC for our east coast friends) and played their last season as a D3 school this year. The NCAA approved a move up to D1 beginning next season (normally is a 12 year process via D2) and will begin play in the Summit League in all sports except Football (Pioneer League), Mens Hockey (CCHA), and Womens Hockey (WCHA).

So it was the end of an era for St Thomas and now the beginning of a new one! I have no ties to the school other than being excited for more kids from MN to have D1 opportunities closer to home and I believe that it will be great thing for Minnesota and out neighbors in IA, WI, and the Dakotas.

Congrats to Salisbury!

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