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Andrew Thurman-Orange Lutheran /UC Irvine(P)
Austin Walker-Crespi/UC Irvine(IF)
Dylan Covey-Maranatha/University of San Diego(AFLAC)(P)
Paul Paez-Bishop Amat/Univeristy of San Diego(LHP)
Arman Valenzuela-Northview /Loyola Marymount(C)
AJ Berglund-St. Francis /UC Santa Barbara(P)
Derek Goodwin Diamond Ranch /Sacramento State(C)
Jeff Yamaguchi Lakewood/Long Beach State(IF)
Dillon Bryant Orange Lutheran/San Diego State(OF)
Lonnie Kauppila Burbank/Stanford(IF)
Jerry McClanahan Bishop Amat/UC Irvine(C)
Aaron Sanchez Barstow/Oregon(Aflac)(P)
Chris Hubbard LB Wilson/Brown University(LHP/1B)
Michael Hubbard Crepsi/Stony Brook University(OF)
Jack Heidelman Claremont/UC San Diego(1B)
Cody Harris LB Wilson/The Masters(IF/P)
Tony Amezcua Bellflower/Long Beach State(P)
Brandon McNitt Bishop Amat/Stony Brook University(P)
Nick Baker Palm Desert/Chico State

updated 11/11/09
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Good question. All of our guys are local and most will be four year guys with us. We stay within our program when playing any event. The only exception is when we go to the WWBA in Jupiter in October. We don't list the guys on the website because we feel it would not be appropriate to list them as ours since they we not our program players. They were bigtime dudes. We do this for Jupitor because it is an event like no others and some of our guys can't always make it. Every other thing we do is in program. If we are short guys we bring players from the younger teams up. We like to develop relationships with our players so we can better guide them to their baseball goals.

There are teams in SoCal that will look at guys from anywhere in the US.
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