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I had to look it up.

I looked at the Sandlot Share website, Facebook, and google, and could not find the "people" that run or invest in it.  Granted, I didn't give it too much of my time.

What did come up was another group called Pando Pooling.  Been around for a few years.  There are several articles about Pando.

There is yet another group (link below) that contacted my son (and it was mentioned about a year ago on this site, started by a UVA grad, former milb player?) where a private capitol investors group invests in players already drafted for a % of future income.  Not player pooling before the draft.  They contact you with a specific amount they will pay you (different amounts for different players and their mlb prospects), for the agreed 10-15% of future MLB earnings.  They suggest you contact an attorney before you sign and they video you before you sign that you agree to terms.

Note:  they have a tab where you can "meet the team".  On the Sandlot Share site,  no people are listed.

What a player is actually doing in both player pooling before the draft or contracting after the draft, is betting against himself.

I am interested in hearing from others.

To add:  My son did not do it.  Nor did a friend of his.  He received a decent bonus and his wife has  job that can support/supplement him if needed.  However, there are testimonials of where this type of pooling has helped minor leaguers tremendously, especially if there is a wife that does not work and children involved.

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