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Grown men playing a kids game....

This is way too funny.   Girardi asking total "clown questions", to borrow a Bryce Harper phrase.

"I'm not a Republican or a Democrat.  I'm a member of the Cocktail Party." - Anonymous


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So here’s something I’ve been pondering, a stud P on my sons summer team uses spider tack. He will also pitch against my sons HS team in the spring. Would you alert the HS coach to have the kid checked? There are 4 other kids from my sons HS on the summer team

Would I?

As a parent, I’d be extremely embarrassed if I got involved in my kid’s activities like that!!!

Girardi was using the situation to throw off Scherzer.  MLB should have thought twice about the consequences, which will be losing business, should have put a stop to it years ago.  It's painful enough watching without this garbage.

You don't have to check a guy every inning.  Girardi IS an ass clown.

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