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I’m not sure if the original poster’s intent, but this list can be used for two things that I can think of: Who has a lot of players with TWO years of additional eligibility. (Helpful to note which schools have graduate programs in this case) and which schools are more likely to shut down sports. (I really hope Covid was a once in a lifetime phenomenon but it might give some parents pause-not debating validity or not)

NYIT is shut down until 2023.

Currently 2 JUCOs waiting until fall of 2022 to come back

Cuyahoga CC

Sinclair CC -

Thanks for the correction.   A D2 in Long Island and 2 JUCOs in OH.

CCC was 12-43 in 2019.  NYIT was 37-16 in 2019 and was previously Independent (no conference) for a few years.  Sinclair was 51-10 in 2019 but the program has only been in existence for 3 years before Covid cancelled 2019 season.   I'm not sure if these are great rock solid programs to use as exception examples.   Possibly there are other reasons leading to this decision.

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