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Check out New England Baseball Complex. Not sure what they offer as far as showcasing but their tournaments draw some of the teams you mentioned + similar schools. I will say that Bryant is pretty far above the rest in terms of talent. They're a highly competitive mid major D1 and wouldn't be recruiting the same pool of  players as the others mentioned. 

Lots of good D3 schools and baseball programs in the NE area as well.  Some of them are on the road this summer, though most have canceled any on-campus camps they might have had.  So far, the fall camps in that area look to be on but that could change depending on COVID.  Not aware of any showcases, other than high academic, in that area.

Look into any of the firecracker baseball showcases. You can attend the showcase even if you are not playing in the tournament. Not expensive at all and usually gets the teams you are mentioning above to attend. Only thing I would mention is that the D2/3 schools are still on ‘21’s at this point but it never hurts to get in front of the schools you are interested in and then do a fall camp possibly. Position? Numbers? Might help just to point you in additional directions .

We are attending Head First in NY which covers a lot of the D1 and D3 schools on our list. Really trying to find a central showcase that D2s would attend as we think that will be his best chance. He is a RHP averaging 85mph.

If your son is a candidate for Head First quality schools there aren’t many D2’s in the region (PA to New England) up to his academic standards.

To add on to what others have said D3 is significantly superior to D2 academically. I can probably only name 4 or 5 D2s that I would consider strong academically. 

The good news is he's only a 2022 and you have a full year to map out what he's looking for in a school. D2 baseball can be much better than D3 baseball, but once you get past the top set of schools (at least in the NE) you really wouldn't be able to tell the difference between D2/D3. And at that point when you factor academics into it, you might as well just go D3. 

FWIW I wouldn't rule out D1 - sitting 85 as a sophomore is definitely within range for a lot of programs. Especially if he can top 87/88. At the very least look into Patriot League - if he has the grades, they'd likely be very interested. 

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