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CatcherDadNY posted:

Ani Ramos


I was able to connect with him.  

I have little doubt that he's one of the best, if not the best, based on what people are saying.

He told me it was once a week for 16 weeks between November and February for $1,280. 

That's more than I can afford right now.  So, I need to find something else that aligns with our budget.

Joe Barth, Jr at the Hit Doctor in Mt. Laurel is a possibility for catching lessons in South Jersey. My kid has been lucky enough to sit in on a few of his sessions with college catchers - he’s a great teacher (his hitting instruction is also very good).

Eventually the Hit Doctor will put out their January-February player-development-program (PDP) schedule; in the fall they had Chris Widger running their catcher development sessions. 

I don't have a recommendation in NJ, but here's an idea. Attend Coastal Carolina's catcher camp on 11/23 (and maybe the hitting camp on Sunday). Kevin Schnall might be the best catcher coach in the country. (I would verify that he's the one conducting the camp.) Schnall is also from Hamilton Township, and he knows every catcher coach in NJ and the surrounding area, so he might be able to connect you with someone local.
But don't waste your money on this camp if your son isn't prepared to work his butt off for the day. Schnall is an intense guy, and he will not coddle.

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