I think this is my first topic post. Having read, studied & learned so much from all of you...Thank you so much! As a baseball loving & not super savvy baseball parent, here are a few thoughts now that DS is committed to a HA D3:

1. Most difficult and recent decision for our son was deciding between JUCO and the HA D3. Left it all up to him...but used guidance from you all.

2. Most important time son spent was ACT prep with a private online tutor...also best money we spent.

3. Proudest moment for us was not on on the field...DS earned Eagle Scout rank. I am a firm believer that baseball makes great men so I still find it relevant. I think his proudest moment was signing day....even though athletic scholarship was replaced by merit & it was a celebratory document. 

4. The hardest part of recruiting for me (even with the help of forum reading and solid local advice) was figuring out which showcases/ individual camps were good choices. Having a tweener both with baseball & HA made so many programs both possibilities & long shots. Best $ spent / camp quality that resulted in most interest and best training- Stanford Camp.

5. Most heart warming is the number of you men who have dedicated yourself to all of our boys  & to the game (coaches / umps). My son is who he is because of all of you. What you do makes this world a better place.

6. Finally, life really happens so only advice I have for those early in HS fwiw is to stay positive and enjoy each day...keep reading hsbaseballweb! As a multi sport athlete, DS battled some really signifiant setbacks with injury, he only proved he could get stronger. 

Again, Happy Valentine's Day Friends!

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Great post and Happy Valentine's Day to you!

D1 baseball opening day! Have fun everyone and enjoy the ride!

Wise and well written post!  Congrats on your son's finding a good home and continuing his baseball career!

JUCO is a great path for many and can be a worthwhile step to DI and the draft (or for that matter, a degree and career outside of baseball).  But for those student athletes who have high level GPAs, test scores, etc. and can be admitted to a HA school, JUCO may not be the best fit academically.  Sounds like your son made a good choice.  Happy V Day.     

That is a great, first post BallParkMom.  Congrats to you and your son for all his accomplishments.

Happy Valentines' Day!

Thank you for being welcoming.  Just want you experienced men & women who post to know that there are so many of us new members or "nonmembers" who benefit and are grateful. 

Happy Valentine's Day BALLPARKMOM! Congrats to your son & Family. Sounds like you raised a fine young man. Best of luck going forward and enjoy the ride!

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