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Heading to son's last home game today....I'll see it again and get mad about it just like I've done all I'm gonna rant a little lol.   Son's team plays their SS so close to 2nd base that it makes everyone watching it crazy.  Not on certain situations...almost all the time.  And on the grass deep.  He doesn't have a great anytime he has to go right...even just a few steps, the odds of him getting an out at 1B are slim.  We have given up dozens of hits between SS and 3B that would be routine ground outs to any team playing their SS in a normal position.  Son is a pitcher.  He absolutely hates it...and has asked why they do it that way.  No answer, which isn't a surprise lol.   I'll post later tonight and tell you how many hits we gave up thru the hole that should have been outs.  Over/Under is set at 3

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I will, but I stand down the RF line so it may not be as obvious from the pic as it is on the field.   If you think of the IF as a clock with 2B being 12 o'clock, we play him somewhere around 11.....maybe even 11:15 lol....and usually 2-3 feet onto the grass.  I would say at least a dozen balls that would have been line outs directly to a SS playing a normal position have ended up as hits because there's no way for him to get to them....and if he does, he's so deep on the grass that the chance to make a play at 1B is non-existent.   Not sure how anyone can do this the entire year and not notice it....heck, my 77 year old mother, who isn't a huge baseball fan, but watched my son play 3 years of HS shortstop even asked my dad why our SS plays in such a weird position.

So basically he's at DP position but near/on the grass.  The SS from last year would line up deep on/near the grass to make up for his range.  I had talks with him and explained that he doesn't have the arm (70mph) to play that deep.  On other plays he'd be in on the grass but right in the middle between SS and 3B.  He was a stubborn one to reposition every play, so I ended up moving him to 2B where he didn't make a single error all year and moved my best catcher to SS, his natural position.  

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I find it troubling that anyone would question this.  The coach knows more than you do, after all he has coach right in his title.  He must know best.  Please apologize to all coaches everywhere.  

Yeah because parents always know more since they coached 8U baseball.  

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