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I would agree with the above.  The Icy/Hot just makes your skin feel hot and doesn't really do anything to the underlying injury.  If anything, use real ice to reduce inflammation.  However, you really should have your parents get you  looked at.  My son is a catcher that actually fractured his collar bone from a foul ball when he was around 12 or 13.  It didn't hurt bad, or bruise much so we never thought anything of it (or even got it looked at..we had no idea it was broken).  It actually caused scar tissue to build up and impinge a nerve that led to other problems when he was older (16 - 18).  Get it looked at now to make sure nothing is going on...and if something is going on, you can get it treated now and be ready for the spring.  Good luck!

Given what is going on on other threads, I'd hardly call this "trolling" - it's even about baseball!  Why be surprised that a kid would want advice?  Many kids don't have parents (or coaches) who can give advice about baseball, I know my kid didn't.  I agree that medical questions have to be taken care of by parents and medical people, not message board posters, but I hope Nick keeps asking.

Forget the icy hot for more than a very temporary tingle. Unless it migrates to a sensitive area. Light frequent stretches and a doctor for continuing pain.

Secondary questions? Should a showcase player bang down 2 or 3 energy caffeine drinks pre mound? Or just stick to doubling up a hour earlier on the pre gameday C4?

And where do college coaches stand on the current rage of D-Bol steroid cycling that is rampant in the college players this offseason spring summer?  Still turning a blind eye like they are doing with the very visible caffeine hyper doses?

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High likelihood that y’all are getting trolled and taking the bait. The most appropriate response to any poster claiming to be a 14 year old kid is, “talk to your parents and/or your coaches.” 

Why would I be trying to “troll” anyone?? I had a question that my parents couldn’t answer so I posted it here. And thank you to everyone who did respond to my question. 

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Hi Nick.   I'm not an orthopedist but have a little bit of medical background.  At your age, I would say that it is a bit unusual to have repetitive shoulder discomfort after BP.  If the soreness is the next day and not during or immediately afterwards, it is more reassuring.  But if it is a regular occurrence then you should definitely see a physician for evaluation and opinion.  To answer your question, it can be a little risky using Icyhot too regularly over a large surface area.   The pain relieving substance is absorbed by your body and can build up over days and weeks causing a poisoning.   Use in small areas for short or episodic time periods is safe.  But again, it's kinda weird to be sore after BP unless you are really getting after it for an extended time period.  I just asked my boys if they have ever been sore after BP... answer was no.  Pitching yes.  Hitting no. 

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That was like 1982, and $10 was about 5 hours work, but still not anywhere worth it. Hint: actual ice WILL NOT counteract the effects of Icy Hot.

Speaking of years ago ...

in 1993 I was sitting in the Cask and Flagon (across the street from Fenway) with my cousin. I commented when out fathers talked about Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio in 1941 to us it seemed like when dinosaurs roamed the earth. 

Then I pointed out 1941 was 26 years before The Impossible Dream season of 1967. I followed with for perspective it’s now 26 years after 1967.

OMG! It’s now 27 years after I made this point! 

I told my significant other (girlfriend sounds weird at my age) when I realize something occurred fifty years ago I was already fifteen. She responded I better figure out how old I am before I kill myself trying to be thirty-five. I shut her up by commenting ... Since you’re a year older you would be my elderly, senior citizen girl friend? 😁

She shut me up suggesting I could sleep on the couch.

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Not sure if this helps but Son's PT said to use "real heat" in place of the rub ons. She showed us a gel pack (heat pad) that you microwave for about a minute. We were able to find it at Walmart, it was good for heat and ice. We bought two,  keep one in the freezer and then microwave the one when it is needed. He was doing 15 min ice, 15 min heat, 15 ice, 15 heat after his PT sessions, and throwing as directed. 

We use  Red Hot,  sold by Cramer.   It's their max strength product.

Beware, because once your pores open up..... it's hot.

It's expensive, and loses strength after maybe 6 mos or a year, but IMO it's worth the price.

Their medium-strength product is called Atomic Balm.

Note:  Both products will stain white baseball pants.





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