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I have been told that it's not worth going to a showcase unless the school you want to attend is at the showcase.  With the extended dead period, no D1's and very few D2's or D3's will be at any showcases.

With recruiting more "online," does the extended dead period make Showcases this fall even more important for a 2022? 

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Our experience was that it did not matter that no schools were at the last showcase he attended. Did a pitcher/catcher showcase and after he hit 90 FB the phone/texts blew up. But I can see how position players are different as they are harder to judge on metrics.

Especially hard were all the schools that wanted to "see you in person playing". Gotta be hard with dead period. I would surely light up their video/websites but still some coaches will not pull the trigger without seeing him play. Good luck!

If you are a pitcher who wants to play D1 baseball, if you're not going to get on the mound and hit 86 I wouldn't really bother with a showcase. 

As a position player, if a school is going to watch your showcase from start to finish you need to already be on their list. 

If I'm a position player I'm hitting the tournaments and staying away from the showcases. If you just want to play college baseball at any level you can hold off until next year. There aren't any D3 offers coming in the fall of your junior year 

I was talking with some parents and coaches of 2022's last night and they seem lost on what to do right now. Do they spend the money to go to WWBA Underclass? Do they spend money on showcases? Do they put more time into training instead of playing right now? Lots of factors to consider.

  IMO there are 2 general routes to go:            1) D3                                                                   2) D1, D2, JuCo, NAIA, Gap yr Academies      The first thing that 2022s (and younger) need to do is determine which category they fit into. That will determine the best course of action. With all the delays and uncertainties it’s more important than ever to get clear on your target. If your target is the 2nd group I believe that current circumstances are pushing you towards the JuCo route. Many  D2 and NAIA schools depend heavily on JuCo transfers anyway. And if you are having to work hard trying to get recruited by D1s, I would interpret that as an indicator that you are barking up the wrong tree - and it’s not necessarily an indication that your player lacks the required talent. It could be that a school literally doesn’t need any more players right now. For the next few years you can’t force your way in to the school of your choice - and that hardly ever works out well anyway. Many kids and parents need to be developing a new game plan. 

If he's got a 92 mph exit velo, he's ready to attend a showcase to get it "verifed" as well as his other vitals - running (60 and/or home to 1st) and arm velo.  Yes, those need to go into his introduction emails assuming all are decent or better.  While 92 is a very good place for a 2022 to be right now, it will mostly serve to help garner interest heading into the new year.  If the showcase doesn't record video of his workout, then you'll want to record it yourself.  Get your initial measurables and at least a basic showcase workout video about a minute or so long.  If he played in 2020 and you got video of it, then get that edited down to a 2-3 minute (tops) video as well. He'll need to find a way to grab a coach's attention quickly in an email, but that looks different for every kid.

@JETSR71 posted:

His exit velo from a tee is 92 mph which puts him in the top 95% in his age group.  It might get some interest. But he has not been to a showcase to demonstrate it. (Pocket radar).

I think we will visit one showcase this fall to get some #'s in his recruiting e-mails.


Not sure your location, but PBR events are a very cost effective way to get the measurables on paper and also get some solid video of him in action. If that’s all my son was wanting, I would def choose a PBR here in GA over pretty much any other showcase. 

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