i know the player has to play out his minor league contract or give back part of his bonus until it is up or until he is released.    Is the length of that contract set for a standard number of years or is it purely negotiable  along with the bonus to sign.  And would a college student still be able to get in a fall semester each year working toward a degree while he was in the minor leagues?  Kingsman

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Son's (looks like a standard minor league) contract reads that he will have to pay back a portion if he doesn't stay for "4 championship seasons", which is usually 1 short season year and 3 additional years.  Yet, the contract is for a period of 7 years.  

About returning back to college:  have your son stay in good contact with the athletic adviser at his school.   Son's first off season he was required to go to "fall instructs".  A lot will depend on if the team is in playoffs as well, since that will run through the first week of September.  Son did go back to get in one semester last fall but it was a quick conscious decision:  classes were to start on Wednesday, and the Thursday before while he was packing up to drive home I mentioned about going back for a semester. Son had to quickly do emails and calls to get re-enrolled.  More emails and calls to get classes needed.  Internet searches and texts to find somewhere to live in 4 days.  Drove home on Friday, ate and slept the weekend, moved to school on Monday and classes started Wednesday.  Whew.  Oh, tuition is due upfront.   Unless your school has scholarships for such things, (my son's did not), the tuition, room, board is reimbursed after receipts are submitted with the grades....less taxes.  Yep...it's taxable income to your son.

Ask more questions if needed.  I read a lot on this site for years go glean this info.


This will help...some changes may have been made since 2011, but this is the gist of Uniform Player Contract...2nd link is to MLB's new 2017-2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement. You can also find info on MLB.com & Baseball Prospectus.  Min sal for '19 is $555K. Nice! 




Maybe we should be speaking about edits to the HOF acceptence speech?

Why not, since we're putting the glass carriage before the unicorn?

After all, the kid did get a lot of weak ground balls in little league, skipped travel, skipped lessons, skipped high school ball, skipped showcases, got drafted out of Pole Vault HS, and graduated college by attending each fall semester (ignoring the fact that fall semesters overlap with the pro season) while moving up MILB ranks with the skills he was born with and had no need to practice/develop.

I just moved the timeline to the end of his career - to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow- since there was no need for any preparation in this world of dystopian fiction. That having been said, there is a path to the result you seek: buy an MLB team. That is about as realistic as all the rest of your thoughts.

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Baseballmom....I think OP was asking about MINOR league contracts, which is a whole different ballgame 

If this kid skips high school ball to head straight for college ball he’ll probably skip the minors and head right for the majors. After all, if his success in Little League is proportionate to getting out MLB hitter’s he will be signed for more than Strasburg as a cant miss prospect.

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