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Right now Im a junior standing close to 5'7 1/4" I play catcher for a school up in NY competing in one of the hardest divisions AAA. I throw out 80%+ runners and Im batting above .400. Will my height have anything to do with wether or not colleges look at me as a prospect. Ive seen lots of the college games on ESPN and local schools. And Ive looked at alot of rosters for some D1,D2 schools and cant seem to find any catcher thats 5'8" - 5'10". I assume im still growing based on my last physical checkup I grew 2 1/2" in the past year and doctor says I still havent hit a growing spurt. What are my chances and will they take height into consideration. And should I worry about it. Im also a pretty good football player I was second team for LB in my section and only played the position for 1/2 the season.
"Until you bat 1.000 with no errors you'll always have something to work on" Derek Jeter
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Thanks for the words of wisdom PG. I have come to the conclusion that my size is not football material but im ok with that because I dont want to play college football anyways but I would like to play college baseball maybe for a Military School. Anyways I wasnt too sure how I stacked up against other catchers my size and Im surprised I didnt even see that that one of the best catchers around was a little shorty as well.
i am a 5'11 catcher as a senior in AA ball in the indiana prolly gun more than eighty percent out. partly due to the fact that ihave started varsity since halfway through my freshman year ad as a senior through 12 games i have not had a person attempt to steal on me yet. i hit .435 as a junior and currently hitting abouve .500as a senior. I have gotte looks from d2 and small mid-major d1's. but anyway its really not about the size its all about the skills. keep workin hard and good luck!
Look don't worry about your height you can't do anything about it anyway. If you are a good player and a good kid and you want to play at the next level you will. The fact that you are 5'7 and not 6'0 might keep some schools from looking at you. But it will not keep you from having the opportunity to play in college. By the way there are alot of kids your size playing in college. Our catcher last year was 5'7 165. He is playing at a very strong D-3 school here in NC. He came home over Easter break and came by our practices. He is having a ball and loving every minute of the experience. Just keep working and having fun playing and everything else will fall into place for you. Good Luck

my opinon on this is pretty simple. If a coach does not recruit you for the sole reason of your size then you really don't want to play for the guy anyhow.

Find a coach who sees the player in you and not just your size and he will be the kind of coach who can bring out the best in you over the next 4 years.

Size may limit the number of opportunities you get, but you only need one to prove yourself.
To be honest, size matters a lot when recruiting. Especially the D-1's.

You'll grow more but for a short catcher like you you need to make sure to keep your grades up. A military school might be a great fit for you.

Make sure you do all the little things right and if you can get the job done you will always have a place to play.

Look at the roster-- do you see a second sacker

And The Rameriz kid is expected to be the next SS in Beantown

Trust me, since I live in the Boston region, not Braves territory as you do, Pedroia is playing second and Rameriz is playing short

Some stats for you--- Rameriz has 111 At Bats in 27 games and Pedroia 108 in 27 games-- obviously both players are in the lineup at the same time ---please go to the Sea Dogs website and check the lates box scores-- --

You need to go deeper in your research that you do
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