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@TPM posted:

Darn, I am so sorry that I missed this!  Who says that a true freshman can't make an impact. An awesome catcher and a great kid so I hear!

Go Owls!

He played in our LL and was a few years older than my son. I umpired some of his games and his dad was the coach. Hands down one of the best families you'll ever meet. I would take my son to his HS games just so he could watch how to handle your pitchers.

@Go44dad posted:

He caught my son on his Jupiter teams. He's a stud. I think he could of gone to any school he wanted.

My understanding is that he wanted to work under catcher Nick Toney, who is expected to be an early draft pick. Toney was mentored by former FAU catcher Pedro Pages, who is a top prospect in the Cardinals organization.  And to work with recruiting, catching and hitting Coach Greg Mamula.

Ironically, the CUSA hitter of the week honors went to freshman 1B Nolan Schanuel.

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