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To all my friends, tonight we got the one call that we never wanted. After an extremely challenging season, our son was released. His head is swirling, saying his goodbyes, and trying to comprehend what’s next. He is not ready to hang up his cleats and will be working to find a new home team. I would so love to hear from others who have been through this who might have thoughts, ideas, or suggestions about how to navigate these waters. Thank you all for your love and support! ❤️

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@K9 The drafting of new players unfortunetly means the release of others.

Does your son have an agent to discuss options? Son was released by his drafting team then walked away on his own after two seasons with another ML team, played independent ball for the Long Island Ducks then headed to Mexico for a season.  His time was running out to go back to collect his MLB scholarship $$ and finish his degree, getting older and on the advice of his surgeon he did just that. He had enough with the nagging injuries.

Coaching college baseball going on 7 years, I can tell you that he never regretted his decision to walk away from playing and he loves what he does and we see a passion that he did not have when he was a player.

I know how you feel, I know how he feels. It stinks. But whatever the end result, he will be fine, you will be fine.

Wishing him all the best of luck.


Bummer, sorry to hear that. No matter what happens from here, making it to AAA is an amazing accomplishment that millions of others who've played the game never get to. It will mean instant credibility for the rest of his life in anything baseball-related.

Since every other team is going through the same process of freeing up roster spots for their draft picks, now is probably not the best time to find an affiliated spot. There are plenty of indy ball teams that wouldn't hesitate to sign a player with AAA experience, and the level of competition in indy ball has never been better after the MiLB contraction of 2021. But it might make more sense to take a few weeks off and then head to a training facility to work on the stuff that went wrong this season, with the goal being getting an affiliated spot in the winter. A good training facility with a coach with experience training professionals is likely to lead to more improvement than a month or two of indy ball.

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