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Final District standings for 2012:

Western Branch 15-3*
Nansemond River 15-3*
Hickory 14-4*
Great Bridge 12-6*
Indian River 11-7*
Grassfield 7-11*
Oscar Smith 6-12
Lakeland 5-13
Deep Creek 3-15
King's Fork 2-16

Those with * are in the SED tournament.

Tuesday, May 15
Nansemond River (7) vs Western Branch (3) at Deep Creek, 5:30
for the automatic berth to the Eastern Regional Tournament

Friday, May 18
First round SED tournament at Nansemond River
IF the schedule has been as in past years, it will be:

#3 Hickory (6) vs #6 Grassfield (1) 5:30 pm
#4 Great Bridge (1) vs #5 Indian River (0) 8:00 pm

Tuesday, May 22

#1 Nansemond River (4) v #4 Great Bridge (9) 5:30 pm
#2 Western Branch (3) v #3 Hickory (0)8:00 pm

Wednesday, May 23
Championship Game 6:00 pm
Western Branch v Great Bridge

Go Dawgs, Can you confirm if the schedule above is correct?
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IR and GB look to have the hardest road to the 2nd spot here.

They play each other then the winner of WB/NR and will get one of those or Hickory in the final. They will need a three game sweep to get there and that looks pretty steep.

Hickory should get past GF and it will be interesting to see if they save Blake for the loser of NR/WB.

Should be another great week of games.
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Originally posted by luv baseball:
Hickory should get past GF and it will be interesting to see if they save Blake for the loser of NR/WB.

Be careful. If I remember correctly, Hickory had to score runs in the 7th to tie Grassfield in their most recent meeting and beat them by (only) 2 in 8 innings. Wasn't the first game also close, at least for a bit?

The weather forecast shows a lot of thunderstorms. I hope that doesn't wreck havoc with the schedule.
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True but with the stuff happening there I am not sure GF is the same team it was earlier in the season. Just past the half way mark of the season they were 6-6 in the district and finished 7-11. Maybe they pull it together for a big effort. I still think Hickory finds a way and of all the games that will be played at the tournament this might be the only game with a true favorite.
Originally posted by Go Dawgs:
Uncharacteristically sloppy moments for both teams in the game. Of the 10 runs scored I believe 2 or 3 were earned. Difference was NR's ability to capitalize on WB's mistakes with key hits, while WB left 5 runners in scoring position.

Both clubs' intensity level was there, but it never get postponed twice, and have to practice indoors, then come out and play in windy, wet, and overcast conditions. I don't know why, but it happens all the time. I noticed some of the same sentiment in the James River/Cosby thread.
Awful game, NR did what they had to do when they got runners in scoring position. WB left 5 on in key situations when a hit was needed. Defensive side of the ball was ugly for both teams. Just happened to sink WB and I believe it all happened with 2 outs. No matter who your pulling for you got to give credit where it is due. When NR got hits, they destroyed the baseball. Say their is no collapse in the 5th the outcome may have gone either way by a run or so. On to the tourney we go!!!! Lots of baseball left to be played.
GB is capable with Troy Jones and Conner Jones!wether they win or not i dont know!Nasemond River also has a good 1 and 2 combo with Zack Rice and Tyler Brown!Never count Indian River out with there Hitting!It's Tournament time so u never know Grassfield was leading Hickory both times!The Indian River vs. Great Bridge Game was 2-1 last time!Personally i think Nansemond River and Western Branch are the best teams but u never know!
IR vs. GB

IR 0R, 3H, 1E
GB 1R, 3H, 0E

Pitching Lines:
R.White 6IP, 3H, 3BB, 4K, 1R

Con.Jones 7IP, 3H, 1BB, 1HBP, 10K, 0R

Hitting Lines
#7 1-3
R.White 1-3
#26 1-2

C.Cody, 1-3, HR
B.Beard 1-2, BB
K.Mathews 1-2, 2B

IR had all 5 of their runners on base in the first 3 innings but some strikeouts and a double play prevented any runs from scoring. R.White held GB to one hit through 5 innings by mixing a nice fastball and curveball. White faced the minimum 9 batters through innings 3-5. In the 6th inning, GB socred their lone run on a one out solo HR by C.Cody. Connor Jones retired the last 13 batters in route to the win.

Defensive play of the game was on the first batter of the game. The ball was hit hard down the line by the IR leadoff hitter. C.Cody dove towards the line at 3rd, knocked the ball down and from behind the bag, threw the runner out from his knees.

Very clean defensive game on a windy cold night including 5 put-outs by the IR short stop.
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Originally posted by nrbb07:
Say it does rain all week. Will they even think about pushing the Regional Tourney back or will they make the teams play Saturday and Sunday?

VHSL publishes must be completed by dates. It has been my understanding from past years that it is basically tough luck if rain doesn't allow you to complete your district (or regional) tournament and that if the games cannot be played, some other method of determining the second entry in the regional tournament (including coin toss as one method or seeding as another) will be resorted to.
To clarify my immediately preceding post (in other words, I looked up the dates), the VHSL Handbook and Policy Manual 2011-2012 provides deadlines by which districts, regionals, quarterfinals, semis and finals must be completed for a myriad of sports. For AAA baseball, districts must be completed by May 26, regionals by June 2 and state quarterfinals by June 5.
Luv, I think you are on the mark. Wondered if Great Bridge would throw their ace against Indian River or save him for the semifinals. Guess the gamble worked, and, now, GB has a chance to use him again if it rains today. Anyone well connected to mother nature, and can tell us the weather forecast at Nansemond River? Will it rain and cancel the games?

Also wondered if Hickory would save their ace for the semifinals. They did, and their gamble paid off.

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