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I think there will not be very many states that play high school football in Fall 2020.  What about having a "split season" for HS baseball in 2020-2021 in those cases?  Schools could play about half of their season from late September to early November (adjust for the weather in your state).  Do not play any games that count toward seeding of any playoffs.  If spring seasons are compressed and baseball is delayed to starting in May, then play the other half of the season and your playoffs.

I would think such a plan would need to be implemented fairly soon, but almost any pitcher who would pitch JV or varsity has not shut down from summer ball and probably does something in the fall.  Maybe some would rather play fall travel ball, but if the state agrees not to seed with these  fall games, then those pitchers can sit our or play their other positions.  It seems like a way to get on the field and get the full complement of games whereas I don't believe 2021 HS baseball will get a full season any other way.

Just an idea for discussion among a very smart group of baseball minds.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

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@cabbagedad posted:

Not sure I'm following your idea... if they aren't allowing Fall football (and other fall sports) to happen, why would they allow baseball?  I get that the level of contact is definitely different but all the related issues are still there.

I’m not advocating for this, but you could make the argument that baseball has been successfully played all summer long as the “why”. 

School boards, and in many cases, entire states, have chosen to delay football(and other sports) till the spring. Why would they allow baseball to be played in the fall? 

 Here in MN they are going to have spring football, totally screwing up the baseball season. Football will start in March, which is way too early, as snow is still on the ground and the ground is frozen even down south, never mind up in the Iron Range.

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