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Clemson baseball will be having their annual baseball dinner this saturday with guest speaker Dale Murphy as well as the first annual Fan Fest on Feb 6th. Official practice begins tomorrow.

There are a couple of folks here whose sons are on the team, and I am wishing their players the best of luck for the coming season.

As an FYI, I read that one of our webster's son was ranked #94 freshman. Congrats to Ryley Gilliam. I heard he is the real deal!

Best of luck to all of your sons this season. Enjoy the journey!

Our son called last night, made the travel team for opening weekend, 1 on Friday, Dh on Sat.  Has been  pitching and playing 2nd.  He is 9 hours away in ark. their playing in Okla.  Still 9 hours from Houston.  We are leaving tomorrow afternoon.  So excited, hope he gets on the field but will be good to see him.

Was really just a closer on his hs team and PO only so he has enjoyed all the time in practice.  Coach wants to work him on field to but, said if he decided to go just po they would talk.

He is playing naia.  They have 43 on the team, took 30 this trip.

Safe travels to all.


BS...great feeling and congrats to your son...not easy task to make team and even greater to make the travel squad and to get to play like he is going to. I am sure that he put a lot of hard work into it and now it shows. Go and have a great time watching him...remember that our kids don't want us to 'cheer' too much because it 'embarrass' them (in my case, I don't care with my son, I still cheer like crazy for the team).

Have a great time and drive carefully all the way and enjoy it. Time flies and these moments are really precious (not priceless! because they are still costing money!). 

Son’s team played their opening series last weekend at PG Lakepoint. It is a fantastic facility. Typical opening series, both teams looked a little rusty. Weather was fantastic for January.

It was great to get my baseball fix in, now we wait for two more weeks to see the next game.

Son looked solid for 1st outing. 5IP, 10K, 0BB, 3 hits. He got some nice ink in the PG blog…

Son's team opens the season in... two minutes.  I had a bit of a flashback as I texted him a morning message.  It was the same that I gave him in Little League, all his other sports, Babe Ruth, HS, JC and now at his 4-yr...  it was the same we discussed at length here in a past thread...

"Play Hard.  Have Fun"

Looks like he has beat the odds again and either earned a starting spot or at least a heavy role in the OF rotation.  Of course, as always, that is a moving target and can change in an instant.  Those of you who know his story know how much we consider this all to be just really good gravy.

Best wishes to all your boys and enjoy it!!!!


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Son's JC baseball season has already started, and he has made 2 starts. The first start was game 1 of the season, and he was a little off.  He threw 3 2/3 innings and allowed 4 runs, 2 earned.  He got a ND, and the team eventually came back to win.  His second start was much better.  5 innings, 4 hits, 1 walk, and 5 K's.  He was throwing from 88 - 90 in the first 2 innings, but dropped to 85 - 88 thereafter.  He says he still isn't quite there yet, but he feels he is getting stronger every day.  Hopefully his arm will keep making progress, and he can hit his goal of 92 by season's end.  We are going to watch him pitch again on Friday.  Love this time of year!

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