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Hey all,

My son is a 2022 Grad who is committed to UCLA as a pitcher. High school is playing this year and he is also a shortstop and a good hitter.

    I was wondering which West Coast showcase events if any are necessary? Area Code?
He played Area codes last year, if they are in Georgia again we may skip that unless he should not miss it.


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When I started the AC games in 1987, parents often requested to rank their player and with 300 scouts attending the games I could have obtain a summary on each player. Since I did not charge a player's fee I did not need the "problems" of making a decision that could effect a player's future. The Pro Scouts agreed.

The player know himself his rating. If he is a pitcher, the hitter will inform him. If he is a hitter the pitcher will rate his ability. "One on One", that is the game.


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