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@BBSBfan posted:

Like many, I just got this PG email.   To follow up on 22and25’s post,  the big wallets are well on their way here:

“The beta testing of the PG Tech batting cage exceeded all of our expectations,” stated K-Motion Chairman and CEO, Steve Diamond. “For the first time ever, amateur baseball players had access to cutting-edge and innovative technology that was beyond the means and reach for most of them. The universe gives a player talent, and we’re here to help each one of them maximize their natural talent and fulfill their dreams by giving them access to meaningful data that will help them improve and reach their full potential, and the best is yet to come for PG Tech.”

“PG Tech will emerge as a trusted and welcome resource for amateur baseball players, their parents and their coaches. It will also be an important tool for college coaches and professional scouts,” stated Bill Bavasi, a former 40-year Major League Baseball player development and scouting executive, with 10 years as a general manager. “PG Tech sits at the intersection of old-school and new-school methods of coaching and scouting. What we see with our eyes is confirmed through PG Tech data analysis, which also picks up what our eyes do not see or are not capable of seeing. PG Tech data might pique a scout’s interest in a player and get a player a closer look. And isn’t that what we all want, thorough looks at players? Just as important, PG Tech provides players and coaches with the information that helps everybody – players, scouts and coaches – reach their potential.”

Reminds me of a conversation that I had with my wife circa 2005:

ME: I'm thinking I want to start a new business.  I'd sign up a bunch of IT people and do group marketing  with a consumer friendly brand. We'd become THE trusted name for computer and IT support.

HER:  You mean like Geek Squad?

ME:  Doh!

@LVeinbergs posted:

Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for all of your input and wanted to say I've really enjoyed this discussion. I would love for it to continue but would also like to take this time to revert everyone back to the initial survey. I have changed up the questions a bit and would love to hear what y'all have to say. Once again the link is:

Thanks in advance, all input is greatly appreciated!

I filled out the survey.  Is my $50 Home Depot gift card in the mail? 

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