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Pretty obvious why folks prefer Stanford 1 and why it's already (mostly) booked up.  It's residential, more talks and activities, meals - just a more complete college baseball camp experience for the kid, and for not that much more money.  

But is there any benefit to attending Stanford 2 instead? Fewer kids?  Different coaches?

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Stanford 1 is better for all the reasons you stated, plus it is at the beginning of the recruiting push for rising seniors.  All Star 2 has lesser coaches and half the players.  You will get much better personal attention in the instruction drills and training stations.  You will also have less locations for the coaches to be at scouting the games.  All star 1 is at Stanford, Palo Alto HS and Canada college.  Canada is a cool site but it is pretty far away.  All Star 2 will have games at Stanford and Palo Alto HS, right across the street, an easy walk.  College coaches in the stands can be at either diamond pretty easily, so if a coach is trying to see some of your live play they have a better chance at All Star 2.

I think he means they're not as manly.

Seriously, though, I wrestled with this too.  We decided on #1 because we were more certain that the coaches he wants to be seen by will be there.  The college experience was less important.  I do think #1 is too big.  But I've heard it works anyway.  I think the trick may be in making sure you make solid connections with coaches before you go.  I hope I'm right.

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Smoke, I signed my son up for #2 because #1 was full up for MIF. But he's on the wait list for #1, probably very near the top, so I want to be able to decide quickly what to do if a slot opens up.  Hopefully by the time that happens, if it does, there will be a list out, so that could factor into it, as well as the rest of his summer schedule.

When I said lesser, my grammar was incorrect.  There will be less coaches.  Check prior posts of smoke and myself for an actual lists of coaches.  One thing you will notice about Stanford's list of coaches is that the coaches making decisions are the ones in attendance.  HC, RC, and pitching coaches.  Contact schools of interest ahead of time, and continue your relationship.

My 2016 son had a great experience at Stanford 2 as a rising Junior.  I don't think there is much step down in quality, unless one values the talks and being able to stay in dorms, etc.  Those things didn't matter to my son; he was focused more on the coaches and the exposure.  Definitely fewer players, but he was able to throw on a Sat evening at Stanford with at least 6 Ivy decision makers in the crowd, one of whom was his addition to Wake and many other high academic D1s.  He contacted every coach he cared about in advance, and it paid off.  I know of 2 2016s who were there at S2 who were offered shortly after and are signed up (both are studs and will likely get drafted as well).  The other reason that S2 made sense for us (in fact, it was the only option) is the timing of S1.  S1 is right during prime travel tournament season and there was no way my son could bail on his travel team for S1.  By using the search button, one can find a list of the schools that typically attend S2, or just email Coach Stotz or one of his helpers...they are very, very responsive.  Bottom line:  I would not fret at all about "settling" for S2 over S1.

Just received an email from Stanford AC - Camp Director with a list of colleges who will attend Stanford's camps this summer.  Not sure who else saw this, there are spots left in the July All-Star Camp II.  

We were slow to sign up, waited till Jan 5th and all MIF's spots were filled.  My 2018 is waitlisted for All-Star Camp I, but signed up for All-Star Camp II.

I've heard terrific things about the camp, although we're a bit dismayed with the significantly reduced number of colleges attending All-Star Camp II.

I've attached the xcel sheet from Stanford below.


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Coaches Attending 2016 Stanford Camps

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