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The Stanford All Star Camp is next week starting on Wednesday and running through the end of the day on Saturday. This is the second time - he attended the Stanford All Star camp last summer. Many schools, including East Coast schools send representatives to attend this camp. Over 50 schools are there.

There is very little down time once the camp begins. The players are kept moving all of the time as the day starts early and goes late. Those who are staying on campus walk from the dorm to the Sunken Diamond so they get to see some of the campus on the walk.

This camp is regarded as one of the best. Any other players from Illinois attending?
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IMO, players should be spending their summer weekends playing actual games with their teams ..not doing so many camps/showcases . Colleges/scouts are plentiful at many of the better tournaments . Summer should be more about playing rather than showcasing. The only showcase my son is doing was the Stevenson this past weekend. More important to use the summer weekends to play against the competition and get plenty of at bats .
Originally posted by sulltiger24:
IMO, players should be spending their summer weekends playing actual games with their teams ..not doing so many camps/showcases . Colleges/scouts are plentiful at many of the better tournaments . Summer should be more about playing rather than showcasing. The only showcase my son is doing was the Stevenson this past weekend. More important to use the summer weekends to play against the competition and get plenty of at bats .

Now, this is just my opinion, and it is coming from across the pond.I will also add the Headfirst Honor Roll camp to this discussion. The Stanford Camp is just a very unique and special opportunity for a player to showcase his skills in front of dozens and dozens of coaches from schools on the East Coast, West Coast and in between. We know our son was not a Pac 10 player but we also knewthat he wanted to spread his wings when it came to a college choice. This camp caters to that kind of player, unless you are from California and can be seen by every California school at this one event

This simply is not the case by traveling the midwest circuit during the summer and even in Marietta you wont find this type of school representation. Great experience for our son.
At the end of the 15-U travel season we decidely took a different approach. Instead of staying local and playing here, he has made numerous trips out of state. There is a lot of value in NOT remaining exclusively in the Midwest. In many situations he travels alone. Both last year (10 days) and this year (5 days) he has been at Stanford on his own. He will also travel to Italy alone, but with an international phone, so that he will hopefully stay in touch!

Following that approach leads to greater exposure and invitations to do more and more. There is no right or wrong way to gain playing experience. The more coaches and learning opportunities the better.

Parents need to figure out what is best for their player.
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I was just speaking in general terms . I know the Stanford camp is a good one . Once again in my opinion , i just feel that the player who is between junior and senior seasons still needs lots of game action to determine where he is going to be slotted in terms of the level of college or possibly pro come next spring . Dont forget that the colleges/scouts want to see the player on the field and at the plate during summer game action whether it be somewhere here in midwest or in georgia . They cant really judge bat speed off of bp at a camp or showcase . I will chose a perfect game tournament in marietta ga any day over any camp or showcase . JMO
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Sull, why can't you judge bat speed at a camp or showcase. batspeed can be measured last time I checked. I also have enjoyed the east cobb tournament that you are making reference to but really don't remember that many scouts there. They also didn't do extended infield or outfield so as a position player the scouts might never see you make a play. I watched a "showcase" tournament here in Il last year that also did no infield or outfield and I even watched intentional walks being issued. I don't know much but I am pretty sure that didn't inpress the scouts that much.
Showcases can be many things...

Money maker for the host school program is one of them.

There is however at least one very good reason to attend such camps/showcases. If your son is interested in a particular school, attending a camp where the coach is involved and letting him know that your son will be there could be a tremendous thing. Communicate wioth the coach, let him know the kid will be there, make sure he talks to the coach and introduces himself.

If a coach had the kid on his radar, a good performance at a camp can make the difference.

I don't think these camps usually make much difference in terms of learning...maybe a little here or there but don't exect a lot.
Two comments on this one. First of all, I have heard that the Stanford event is one of the best. Without limits on time and money, I would probably send my oldest. That being said, We all have to prioritize, and our efforts will have to be focused on the colleges that he is interested in attending, or that are interested in him. Secondly, Dolphin Mom, that "Invitation" you received is called a BROCHURE. Anyone with the funds can attend. The same for the trip to Italy. Neither one are exclusive. Your insinuation that they are just reinforces the negativity that people tend to display towards you on this board. Peter Caliendo, an old grade-school buddy of mine, is heavily involved in these european trips and has been for years. I am unsure of the value of playing baseball overseas, I doubt that any of the college coaches or pro scouts whose attention we all crave will be there.. JMO
No insinuation, Mr. K.

He had an outstanding experience last year and is going back to Stanford again this year.

The European experience is just what it is with exposure to another culture combined with baseball. Julian Kenner, Class of 2008 from Whitney Young and Mike Van Pelt, Class of 2009 from Francis Parker both went to Italy last year with Pete's team and I understand they had a great experience. Caliendo is taking many of the same players to Japan this year.

Best regards.
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Who cares? You are the parent everyone loves to hate and you are just making yourself look more and more full of yourself with your elitist attitude.

You don't see any other parents posting their kid's stats constantly. You are ridiculous.

If If I were your son I would be furious at you. Just .02 cents worth from another high school player.
What perhaps might have been more appropriate here would be an update on the camp itself and perhaps some of the others in attendance, instead of a self-serving, self-centered, self-promotion of one's own son. I am certain that Jason knows nothing about his father's website antics, or his pretending to be a female (questionable identity choice at best) and we can only hope that this behavior does not prove to hinder the young flipper in his future endeavors. Scouts and Coaches DO tend to look into the parental situation, and shy away if the baggage alarm goes off. This one is a five-alarm.

Excerpted From The High School Baseball Website.....

Marketing Your Player

"Marketing" is not a bad word - It is a fact of life in high school baseball recruiting - We have assembled a collection of articles that will help with the process.........

I suggest you read the extensive content that is posted within this web site.

"Maximize his exposure." This is the recommendation provided by Division I College Coach Wayne Mazzoni who speaks with the players at the Stanford Camp. I suggest you read his contribution to the HSBB web article site. Wayne Mazzoni is one of the leading experts in the college recruiting process...or you may want to contact my firm.

I am the President of the firm and we provide consultative marketing services to clients and individuals to help them achieve their goals. One of the important aspects of marketing is all about letting people know that there is somebody out there that can meet their needs and offer them what they are looking for.
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"Marketing Your Player" certainly doesn't mean telling everyone on this board, over and over again, where your son is playing, what his BA is,etc. It is simply inappropriate.

Market him to those who may actually care; ie,college coaches or Billy Beane for that matter.

I can assure you that you are doing you son no favor by your nonstop barrage of what should be personal information.
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I can assure you that the world has changed.

Blogs attract attention and are an increasingly popular way to "market." The Internet has become quite a new fangled thing! Thanks to Al Gore for inventing the Internet!!

Anyway, "Blogging" on a site such as this, is a practice that many refer to as a form of "marketing."

Believe it or not...People actually read what is written.

There is also a high probability that the platform of the High School Baseball Web Site (which has content that is searchable) extends to a wide variety of baseball venues.

Whether you like it or not, the Internet has changed the game.
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I suggest you visit the many college sites which have sophisticated web sites which require keyboard interface and uploading of information. College recruiting budgets are small. Technology has greatly aided the information gathering process to assist colleges in their recruiting efforts.

There is no doubt that the player has to perform, however the way that information is transmitted and communicated has changed.
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Division I Coach Wayne Mazzoni has a degree in Sports Marketing and writes and speaks on this subject. His material which is directed to parents and students is exellent and helps individuals find the right marketing approch for their situation.

Sports Marketing is becoming a current trend in business education and has applications to the college recruiting process.

I encourage you to become familiar with the concepts.
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You are right. time will tell when your son at best gets a 25% ride to a division one. And you will have spent thousands and thousands on sports camps, overseas travel and the like. You'll be lucky if he gets anything close to what you have spent on promoting him. Hope you have money left over for his and your psychiatric bills when the ends doesn't justify the means.

Scroll down on the link and we'll see who we are dealing with.
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The 2008 Stanford All-Star Baseball Camp is now in the books and it was a huge success. With representation from all over the country and over 50 colleges in attendance. All of the players in attendance were very impressive.

Many thanks to the coaching staff for all of their hard work and dedication in making this another one of a kind event on the Farm.
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Obviously, Mark has the money to spend and is not ashamed to tell us about it. I'd mention some theories about "conspicuous consumption" but that's for another day. Mark, I would second and third the statements about the impression you are leaving. You want to inform the masses about your marketing strategy for you son. You intend to use this site for that purpose. That isn't the purpose of this site. Please keep that in mind. I'd suggest that you error in your assumption that college coaches are going to read your posts and get all consumed in the merits of your child. Rather, I'd suggest, you are raising a red flag. Yes, your son might merit a little financial aid to some institution of higher learning. However, I'm betting he is earning that by his actions on the field and not your posts on this site. To suggest otherwise is absurd. Then again, perhaps you can pull off one of the greatest marketing campaigns of all time and have your son get that full ride to a top ten school. If so, congratulations. If not Mark, you're setting your son up for constant ridicule.

I'm going to watch this topic closely. I don't feel comfortable myself knowing that the table is being set for attacks on a young man that has nothing to do with this thread. Please, I'd ask fellow posters to take that into consideration.

Take care,

Darrell Butler
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