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I would say the Stanford Camp is one of the best school-sponsored camps in the country. If money is not an issue I would say it is well-worth the price (~1100). Of course COVID put a full-stop on last year's camps and likely will impact the camps this summer as well.

Is it too early to attend? If you wait too long they will have finished their recruiting. It may be the only time in your life to take BP and/or play a game on the Sunken Diamond!

I would say the 5 day camp at Vanderbilt tops Stanford and is 50% of the price.  By far the best camp my son did (across Duke, UNC, Arkansas, UVA, Vandy).

It was incredible and action packed for sure. Tim Corbin was on hand and active all and every day.

Super active, lots of action and my son was exhausted after. Great taste of life as a Commodore and baseball player staying in the dorms, etc.

No the weather isn't as nice as Stanford, but that comes at a price....

Vandy & UVA were top dogs. UNC 3rd.

Stanford is still in the tier of Headfirst/Showball of offering a ton of exposure to the high-academic schools. With this in mind, you’re seeing fewer and fewer Ivies present at Stanford Camps than 5 years ago due to how they often overlap with other national tournaments. I believe 2019 only featured Dartmouth, Brown, and Harvard in attendance. In terms of pure camp experience, its hard to go wrong with Stanford or Vandy. There are some benefits that Vandy offers but it comes at the cost of less exposure to high-academic colleges. The best advice we’ve received on this: who are you paying access to with these camps in terms of recruiting exposure?

Agree with above, but thought the question was would the camp at Vandy or Stanford be applicable to D3 player experience, not exposure for the camper. At D1 camps there can only be 1 D1 school in attendance, they fill the rest with D2s and D3 coaches. All the mass mailings will tell you we offer at camps, etc. blah blah blah.

Agree, be wise on how and where you spend money (Camps vs Showcases, etc. - they aren't required). I do think when you get older and Sophmore year/summer is the time to narrow down and start to visit campuses/coaches and programs. A 2025 has 2 more years before they need to worry about any of that....

However, back to the question, if you want to get a taste of what baseball will be like - you have to attend a sleep over camp like a Vandy or Stanford across multiple days. The 1-2 day camps won't give you a true glimpse of the rigors, the fatigue, the food, sleeping in a twin bed in a dorm, etc dealing with a roommate you don't know, that the multi-day 3+ camps will. (regardless of division).

Vandy was the most organized and well run camp of the lot, in our experience. We didn't go there to get any other exposure except to Tim Corbin, Vandy coaches, Vandy Campus, dorms and life as a college baseball player.

If you're shopping for exposure, Headfirst or the Academic Showcases are decent, but again not required. Those schools and Ivies will be at the big events, you just have to be on their radar and/or communicate with them to tell them where you'll be and when.  Difficult with some coaches that don't publish who's pitching to give the scouts and recruiters notice (oh and the player too....).

Fingers crossed for the 22s and beyond they open camps and campuses back up next Summer.

this is all very helpful. I'm sorry I wasn't more clear about the D3 question.  We've gone the Stanford/Headfirst/Showball route for one of my guys and the specific college camp route for the other one.  Both outfielders. Both routes worked out pretty well.

Now I have a '22 who is likely a pitcher only who has NOOOOO clue where he wants to go, nor what he wants to major in. Throw Covid in the mix and you get how muddy the picture is.  I'm trying to be efficient.  How efficient can I be? If Headfirst continues its live feed of info to 200+ colleges I'm wondering how far will that take a kid whose fastball  sits 85 with very good control.  And Eokerholm, when you say "big events" I'm assuming you mean WWBA and the like?

Yes WWBA (summer and fall) and the 17U Elite tourney. Any other bigger Event with lots of teams. Those were live fed via PG all summer.

RHP or LHP? What gets people excited and press and tweet coverage from the tourney and scouts is, unfortunately, Velo and NOT command. Same with ranks. Gas trumps command even if you’ve never pitched at an event or show up and pitch 2 innings all season. (You think I’m kidding) (look at the top 50)

The way to get noticed with command is to strike out good competition at a big events. The scouts were there to see someone else and you struck em all out. That will get you noticed. Tons of Ks and low ERA.

but the coaches will tell you at camps and talks that they recruit command. That’s BS they go for gas.

loom at any game were there are a ton of scouts they’re there for the gas throwers not the strike throwers....

But the point is, Stanford and Vanderbilt don't recruit from who shows up randomly at their camps - schools like that are out at the major tournaments, looking for the top players who are playing against other top players.   Stanford Camp is like Headfirst and Showball, an opportunity to showcase in front of many HA schools; Vanderbilt camp does not bill itself that way, just sells a great experience.  

In our experience, D3s will mostly not be at big events like WWBA, unless they are local - at least, the ones my son contacted told him they wouldn't.  You do have to go to Headfirst/Showball or to regional showcases or individual school camps to be seen by many of them.

Stanford and Vanderbilt don't recruit from who shows up randomly at their camps - schools like that are out at the major tournaments, looking for the top players who are playing against other top players.

Several years ago I stopped by a camp a major conference program was running. Current players were helping with the camp. I knew one. I mentioned I only saw four legit prospects for the program. After I pointed them out the player said they were all personally invited after being seen at PG East Cobb.

Plenty players recruited by big schools HAVE attended that school’s camp. Just understand the camp is just one of many ways the school evaluates potential players. You certainly get up-close attention at their camp.

As others have mentioned, the Stanford Camp gets players exposed to HA D3 and D1 coaches. Most of the Ivy schools have at least an assistant coach attend—Princeton was also present in 2019. And a kid on my son’s camp team committed to Stanford this past summer. He certainly didn’t blow anyone away at the camp but he certainly was evaluated and that evaluation mattered when they saw him at other events after the 2019 camp.

RHP. 6’2”. Skinny as a rail.

Better tell the kid to get him some Texaco.  

Maybe check out the "How to Gain Weight" thread to the right...

Texaco works but I have heard that Stanford et al also like what some call "easy" gas...which it seems like most of the TB Rays bullpen seems to throw.

Speaking of gas I was in a PBR rathole online last night and found this nugget that was fascinating to me. PBR JUCO Iowa this fall there was 36 kid's that had a max FB of 90 or higher. 11 pitchers from NIACC over 90. 8 from Iowa Western, 7 kids from Kirkwood over 90 and 5 over 93. That is some gas...or is it ETHANOL in Iowa?!?!?

There are a lot of kids that can bring it...


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  • Fall 2020 PBR JUCO IA RHP Gas

The members of this site who tell you schools don’t recruit from their camps are really referring to the camp masses. And maybe this was their experience at that particular camp.  The same masses attend showcases and other events like the WWBA. In reality most kids who have been recruited have attended a camp or showcase at some point during their prep years.

Sure, I completely agree.  You have to know where you fit when you go to a camp, to know what to expect out of it.  I was talking to a parent at my son's school (D3), who said, "my son attended this baseball camp for 3 years and wasn't recruited, how did your son get recruited here?" he looked surprised when I said it was at a showcase in a different state.  If a school camp costs $75, then by all means go; if a coach personally invites you to a camp, then go; just don't pay $1000 to go to Stanford's camp thinking they might recruit you someday.

Appreciate everyone sharing. I guess I should have been more clear, as usual.

The Vandy website has zero info about other schools that attend its camp so I was just trying to find out what D3 schools might be there.

Pretty sure I don’t expect my ‘22 to get any D1 looks no matter what events he goes to. At least, not until he finishes his Driveline program which I’m sure will get his velo up to at least 90.

BTW the local juco near me is cypress college

If you are near Cypress College, you are within 30 minutes of Fullerton, Long Beach State, UCLA, USC, UC Irvine, not to mention Chapman (D3), Orange Coast JC, Saddleback JC, Santa Ana JC and others... spend some time over the next couple of years and go see some games at various levels of ball.  This will help you see where you may fit.

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